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Human_brain_neuron_2 The human brain can react and rewire itself to adapt to new situations.  "No duh," you might say, "That's kind of it's job."  But now scientists have recorded the brain adapting far faster than it's physically possible to make new connections, hinting at hidden wiring or some other automatic-interaction system that allows for rapid reprogramming.

MIT neuroscientists, one of the smartest-sounding groups outside of "Lex Luthor's Tutors", studied the effects of depriving input on various volunteers or victims of brain injuries.  "Phantom limb syndrome" is already well known, where the brain starts reacting to signals sent from a limb that's no longer there.  The researchers were able to investigate this effect in a non-permanent fashion by studying how the visual cortex deals with the blind spot in each eye's vision - a region where there is a "missing" region of input.

Their experiments found that the brain adapted input from other regions into the blind spot within seconds.  They related this to the idea of "referred sensations", where the brain remaps signals from a missing body part to input from somewhere else that's still attached.  Experiments with stroke victims who'd permanently lost part of the vision gave the same results: the bleeding of information from the remaining nerves into the blank region.

Of course vision isn't quite the same as a body part, but the idea is the same: how neurons adapt to deal with missing information, and how they can incorporate data from other body parts with amazing speed.  Extremely good news for those waiting for the technology to implant extra connectors into their heads.

Luke McKinney.



Regards to the human brain...a complex structure.

Yes, there is nothing surprising about this news, since it has been established already through a study conducted using nanovoltmeter(nalostructured material) dyes that has been able to measure the electric field within an individual human cell. Cells have independent capability to interact with any other cell within its own membrane or even another membrane.Infact, the electric field of the membrane is weaker than that present in an individual cell. We all know all bodily functions are controlled by the various membranes in our body system under the controlling/monitoring guidance of the brain. Moreover, science has yet to touch and understand the hidden role life force, or may i say, the consciousness, plays in this game of birth, life and death, and possible even after one death and the next birth. If something can not proved scientifically today, that certainly does not mean that it is not happening. We just do not have the means to invetsigate the same. This has been shown to be so by Prof. Eccless, the famous Nobel winning Professor of Neurology at Oxford University through his study and observation of neurons in the SMA area of the brain. With sedation, he was not expecting any activity by such neurons, but it was seen. He attributed the same to external body interactions. The same were getting recorded in a non=physical sheath around the said area, as per his belief. The record of such interactions thus will not die with the death of the said body, as it remains carried permanently by the said non-physical sheath. As science can not investigate , at least currently, anything that is non-physical, we all need to wait till we devise a new scientific methodology, to include investigations of such postulated possibilities, imagined by the best of our scientific brains. Life lived with an open, logical and rational mind runs the science further. A closed approach is bound to add to our miseries, more so in the future, if humans decide to ignore any observation that defies current scientific knowledge. This is the real innovation and not the so-called conventional discoveries ordinary scientists run around in Conferences propagating the same!

How can we use this technology to help our learning process?

This is exciting in deed! it could be useful to mimic brains in software development.

Great post, thanks for sharing .if you want to get Pico current sourcemeter

My father is dr donald c shreffler, a well known geneticist.

I am his son Doug. I wish to see the technical transcripts,


Yours in achievement


Hi there! This is Mai from Quezon City. This might sound strange, but I want to know if there is REALLY a computer program/software that can decipher someone’s thoughts, control somebody’s mind, and manipulate someone’s actions? I have a suspicion that someone is using this thing! She is a woman from Bicol (She is originally from Nabua, Cam. Sur and is now residing in Naga City). Please let me know… I need your HELP! You can reach me at 0917 4627 266. Thank you!!!!!

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