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"Dark Flow" Discovered at Edge of the Universe: Hundreds of Millions of Stars Racing Towards a Cosmic Hotspot

Cosmos_2 "Dark Flow" sounds like a new SciFi Channel series. It's not! Back in the Middle Ages, maps showed terrifying images of sea dragons at the boundaries of the known world. Today, scientists have observed strange new motion at the very limits of the known universe - kind of where you'd expect to find new things, but they still didn't expect this.  A huge swath of galactic clusters seem to be heading to a cosmic hotspot and nobody knows why.

The unexplained motion has hundreds of millions of stars dashing towards a certain part of the sky at over eight hundred kilometers per second.  Not much speed in cosmic terms, but the preferred direction certainly is: most cosmological models have things moving in all directions equally at the extreme edges of the universe.  Something that could make things aim for a specific spot on such a massive scale hasn't been imagined before.  The scientists are keeping to the proven astrophysical strategy of calling anything they don't understand "dark", terming the odd motion a "dark flow".

A black hole can't explain the observations - objects would accelerate into the hole, while the NASA scientists see constant motion over a vast expanse of a billion light-years.  You have no idea how big that is.  This is giant on a scale where it's not just that we can't see what's doing it; it's that the entire makeup of the universe as we understand it can't be right if this is happening.

Which is fantastic!  Such discoveries force a whole new set of ideas onto the table which, even if they turn out to be wrong, are the greatest ways to advance science and our understanding of everything. One explanation that's already been offered is that our universe underwent a period of hyper-inflation early in its existence, and everything we think of as the vast and infinite universe is actually a small corner under the sofa of the real expanse of reality.  Which would be an amazing, if humbling, discovery.

Posted by Luke McKinney.


The "Great Wall" Of Space: Galactic Superclusters a Billion Light Years Away Extend for 5% of Observable Universe


Cosmic Dark Flow


It was because they were losing their power to control, well, everything... The church is nothing more than a collection of businessmen who like nothing more than to indulge their sick fetishes and delight in the misfortune of people who are not "saved".

Oh and btw, they made the bible up retard...

See if you can bring yourself to look past the limits imposed on you and maybe you will find some truth... I will pray to Krishna, Mithra, Horus etc. for you and hope you find salvation from you slave-master.

There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

Douglas Adams

Science is the quest for knowledge, and the explanation of the natural world around us. We can't always explain things, but the real growth of human knowledge and experience is in the journey of discovering the answer, not always in actually getting the answer itself.

I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with religion, taken in moderation and used as a guiding path through your life. but for some reason science and religion seem to be at odds even though they have a lot in common. Both are a search for answers, and both require a large amount of faith to be able to accept. I think people need to relax, and hold their views as their own, because the good thing about science and religion is all you need to do is just wait, and we'll be able to find out who is right.

This article begs the question:
"Do we need to know more?"
The very idea and speculation of how, when and what the universe is, although a huge a ground breaking scientific find, does in itself make everything in life and existence seem very small and pointless. Do we need to now that there is yet more out there, beyond the point of supposed infinity and known reality, When to begin with we can't even get our heads round the true meaning of infinity and the reality we exist in today?

I believe the discovery of this and many other universal discoveries truly awe inspiring but there must be a limit before we become too insignificant. Life isn't all about knowledge and discoveries bar discovering the knowledge of happiness. A very corny and Hollywood statement but with true inner meaning, especially if we are so small.

Amen to that ThankGodForAtheism!!

No insult to anyone intended. Just common sense. How can a man who lives to be only 80 - 100 years old begin to understand a universe that is billions of light years across? Men used to think that the earth was the center of the universe. Men used to think that the earth was flat too. Those "theories" went down the tubes decades ago. Now men invent other "theories" that could very easily go down the tubes just as fast when another "discovery" is made.

Anyone care to try and explain how quantum physics or quantum chaos works on a practical level?

How does one explain the evolution of a honey bee? Which came first, the worker? the queen or the drone? None can exist without the other. And what brought about the development of the first cell? What is the chance ratio in creating the first living cell? Micro evolution is possible, but macro evolution still evades the true scientific mind. What about ooparts?

There are tons of questions that cannot be explained from a purely evolutionary standpoint, but make lots of sense from a creationary standpoint.

I still say men are like ants trying to explain the forest (the universe) when they cannot even understand their own little pile of dirt (the earth) where they live.

I'm currently dizzy from being in the middle of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials and the mind-blowing concepts it brings. Then I stumble onto a mind-blowing concept such as this! I think it's incredibly fascinating the new and unusual stuff we see and find as we look outward. Our earth itself is such a huge and wonderous place, and the actual distance to the Sun blows my mind, but billions of light years being covered by stars moving at 800km per second, all being drawn over distances utterly incomprehensible to us. The universe is awesome.

Christianity has no place in the context of reality. Reality as it turns out is far more interesting than the fantasy world described in the Torah, Bible and Koran. Sometime in 2010, if the science points to it, we will find that the first three words of the Old Testament were not true either. Too bad religion failed us and turned into such a promoter of war and suffering.

Does God exist in the tenth dimension? Unfortunately, Christians could never ask a modern question like that.

Unknown edge of the universe science is not a sign of providence people.

This is amazing. I can't get my head around it. Why is everyone wasting time on the one guy with an imaginary friend?
The outcome of this discovery will be re-defining.
Guess that's a little obvious

I request we put a ' I believe the universe is over 1 million years old/ I believe in the scientific method ' check box and make it required to check it before you post. If you don't check it you get a temporary ban. Just a suggestion probably won't keep many christfags from posting religious nonsense. However, it should get the point across. The point being that they aren't wanted on this part of the internet if they can't comprehend they don't get to post.

Careful science people. Remember Douglas Adams' method of execution where a person was put into a chamber and shown his exact size relative to the entire universe. This of course caused the person's head to explode.

So these galactic clusters are "zooming" toward that hot spot right? Right, that's the jist of the article. Noone has taken the fact into account that this "spot" is BILLIONS of light years away. Theres no way to tell if this is even a concentrated area because the light covers such a vast distance. Now I'm no religious-nut. But I do think all you "scientists" should be spending your time in the lab researching and experimenting to get somewhere in science. Preferably not BILLIONS OF LIGHTYEARS away.

Religion is faith, that one dedicates towards. It is also a belief that everyone has a right to have, this is an amazing new discovery that's blowing away all the theories and laws that scientist have come up with in the past centuries is something to look forward to, and unraveling its cause is going to be awesome. as opposed to arguing about religion and other beliefs. Let those with their beliefs keep them, and let those with their theories speak.

I personally think that most of the discoveries scientist have made towards space have been swayed away with this one discovery, and its a great find at that. There's a lot of talk about about this on the net, look around. A lot of them are religious as well as scientific.

What if the universe has started contracting, and all of those galaxies are racing back towards the centre?

The "christfag" comment is unfortunate but for pete's sake, what this should underline is the humility of scientists, not their arrogance. Let's put it in perspective: scientists say "Wow, if what we think is happening is really happening, then that overturns just about everything we have thought until now! what a terrific discovery!"

Religious zealots (by whom I do not mean the great many people whose religious beliefs are ways to be open to and involved with the world, as opposed to being little isolation chambers that allow them to stick their fingers in their ears and go "NAA NAA NAAA NAAA NAAAA I'M NOT LISTENING!" while kicking other people in the shins and calling it "dialogue"), religious zealots, on the other hand, call the same scientists arrogant because they won't accept a book of poetry, full of subtlety and nuance, which can be (and is) interpreted in a whole variety of ways, as evidence that is more infallible than every other piece of evidence that contradicts one narrow interpretation of that book. confronted by contradictory evidence, the zealot ignores it.

It's not a football game in which you root for your side to win. It's a quest for understanding. It's a beautiful quest. Believe in God if you believe in God. But you don't know God's mind, and you don't know God's mechanisms, and you don't speak for God. If it makes you feel better, maybe science is discovering the wonderfully complex way God made the universe. Maybe you can see evolution as the marvelous system that God created to save Him, Her, It, whatever, the tedious task of making everything by hand (Does God have hands?). Car companies automate production, oh, and they come out with new models every year! If a car company can do it (considering the other stuff they seem to suck at), don't you think God can do it too? Science doesn't threaten your beliefs. We grow, we learn new things. If your religion is a living religion, it can grow too. If your religion doesn't accomodate new ideas, then it is dead.

In any case, what a cool story!

Just because someone has a different point of view is no reason to get hostile. Most people here are attacking Phillips views with the same narrow-mindedness that he used to demean yours. Technically speaking you cannot rule out the existence of god, however it is very unlikely from what we know. The universe doesn't have to have an omnipotent sentient like being watching over it to be amazing.

Phillip I don't understand how this article in anyway helps support your beliefs. Not to put words in your mouth but I've heard the arguement from the other side of the discussion, "you can't rule out god" but you also can't rule out a lot of things. If you were really open-minded as you claim to be you would be considering all sorts of possible explanations other than constantly trying to support a very specific one. But ironically this might make you some sort of....scientist.

"What exists, outside of the edge of everything we know, that is so large it pulls galaxies toward it from across a gulf so large it takes light billions of years to cross it?"

my dick

I agree that it is God. But I disagree which God. It is MY God who is the creator of this!!

It's obvious...

Galactus has finally found a way to bring his food to him, rather than having to go hunt for it.

Speak to a Mormon about this, then ask them about Kolob. They'll go nuts.

You know, I enjoy science as much as the next guy. But I find it interesting that those who can't wrap their minds around something abstract and spiritual like to deride those who can as somehow intellectually inferior. You see, it's you who deny the existence of God because you haven't seen proof to your satisfaction that are the archaic, knuckledragging, relics of the past--who say that you want proof of God's existence when you can't even explain your (or your universe's) own.

Personally, I find science and belief in God quite compatible. In fact, one without the other seems quite empty to anyone who can grasp what a miracle every second of every day is.

Disregard my earlier comments. I suck cocks.

NASA scientists see constant motion over a vast expanse of a billion light-years....
Well, the motion may caused by the action of space, no gravity.

i m really mesmerized by the thoughts the readers of this website. wow sciece vs spiritualism. we all are free to share our thoughts and no one can prevent us from doing this. einstein is gautum buddha who has attained nirvana. we cudnot have understand this ideas becoz he was a superhuman. he attained the ultimate knowledge but cudnot have expained us becoz of the lack of words we have in ur language is very smal in comparison to his knowlege to express this thoughts. thats y as we move deepere and deeper in science we move to spiritualism. all of can share ur ideas with me my email is

Interesting find. Perhaps the Universe has limits or there is circular movement. Science has no monopoly on intelligence and it is nice to see admissions of puzzlement. The breakthroughs in quantum physics, the proof that consciousness exists, the potential in unseen dimensions all give pause to wonder. I think the churches have it wrong in general but Krishna, Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth are not necessarily wrong. Science may prove them to be more genius than the religions they spawned. It is possible that spiritual geniuses exist(ed) and expressed in homely terms what quantum physics or a follow-on science will prove...the final merging of science and spiritual teachings. Already there is movement among physicists to consciousness studies and field theory. Let's not throw the baby (spiritual teachers) out with the bathwater (wrong headed preachers).

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