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"Dark Flow" Discovered at Edge of the Universe: Hundreds of Millions of Stars Racing Towards a Cosmic Hotspot

Cosmos_2 "Dark Flow" sounds like a new SciFi Channel series. It's not! Back in the Middle Ages, maps showed terrifying images of sea dragons at the boundaries of the known world. Today, scientists have observed strange new motion at the very limits of the known universe - kind of where you'd expect to find new things, but they still didn't expect this.  A huge swath of galactic clusters seem to be heading to a cosmic hotspot and nobody knows why.

The unexplained motion has hundreds of millions of stars dashing towards a certain part of the sky at over eight hundred kilometers per second.  Not much speed in cosmic terms, but the preferred direction certainly is: most cosmological models have things moving in all directions equally at the extreme edges of the universe.  Something that could make things aim for a specific spot on such a massive scale hasn't been imagined before.  The scientists are keeping to the proven astrophysical strategy of calling anything they don't understand "dark", terming the odd motion a "dark flow".

A black hole can't explain the observations - objects would accelerate into the hole, while the NASA scientists see constant motion over a vast expanse of a billion light-years.  You have no idea how big that is.  This is giant on a scale where it's not just that we can't see what's doing it; it's that the entire makeup of the universe as we understand it can't be right if this is happening.

Which is fantastic!  Such discoveries force a whole new set of ideas onto the table which, even if they turn out to be wrong, are the greatest ways to advance science and our understanding of everything. One explanation that's already been offered is that our universe underwent a period of hyper-inflation early in its existence, and everything we think of as the vast and infinite universe is actually a small corner under the sofa of the real expanse of reality.  Which would be an amazing, if humbling, discovery.

Posted by Luke McKinney.


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Cosmic Dark Flow


I just want to say how much I love this site. This is so exciting. I love it when scientists havent a clue!

Imagine, a single entity, a single object, that follows a rollercoaster path of compression and expansion, with the path between seeming a steady state. Now, imagine that entity finding it to not be alone, and that there are other entities performing the same expansions and contractions, and life points between. Suddenly unknowns become known as the discovery of interaction between the entities allows for the explanations of the previously unknown factors.

Now, take this scenario and encase it in its entirety as its own entity, then repeat the process, creating ever more single entities out of previously groups of single entities, until...we exist no more (and still keep going).

If we assume that the Universe experienced a brief period of hyper expansion early in its existence, stretching out so far that all matter we're familiar with has so far expanded only enough to fill a small portion of the entire Universe, then this leaves one important question.

What exists, outside of the edge of everything we know, that is so large it pulls galaxies toward it from across a gulf so large it takes light billions of years to cross it?

It's amazing how many "scientists" of modern age will not confess that they actually don't know or don't understand something they see, and yet they claim to know where the Universe came from, and where Life came from - and all that without giving any credit to the real Creator, God.
Ever wondered why did the Holy Church ban or cast so many "scientists" when it had the power to do so? It was because they were trying to spread delusions and misinformation, the very same way they try to do today.
I pray for all of you that you finally FREE yourselves, and start thinking in the only real direction there is.

Wow, Philipp, you obviously have all the answers! Thank you so much for showing me the error of my ways.

Get outta here with that nonsense, Christfag.

Well chris, sorry that we question things in the pursuit of knowledge, rather then, trust a man with a funny hat, who says there's a man in the sky who will make you live forever if you talk to him. We live our lifes searching for knowledge through analysis and fact rather then, spend it in fear of the lord. Religion... Another way to control weak minded individuals.

"Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. BELIEVE IN NOTHING..."
Rant over. This is a fascinating article. This blog is great it's like watching those specials on the discovery, or science channels, however there's never a re-run and the news is on a per day basis. Thanks, Daily Galaxy.

Great article on a great website filled with great science. :D

Sadly idiot assholes like philip would rather find out "amazing facts" from bronze aged goat herders as he SURFS THE FUCKING INTERNET than from science.

Such terrible irony is lost on someone that is supposedly found.

Christfag for sure LOL

Phillip, it's amazing that you didn't realize the subject matter of this article is something that scientist know nothing about, yet the opening line of your statement is that scientist will not "confess" their lack of knowledge.
Did you know there are lots of scientists who are devout christians, just like you? The fact that they devote their lives to understanding the universe is awesome. What you are doing is tearing someone else down. Doesn't seem very christian-like to me.
I have questioned why the church would "cast" scientists out. I think it's because they were scared of someone taking their power away from them.

I wish the best for you and your family.

Once again, the universe humbles and awes me. The image of a distant galaxy alone is beautiful, mind-blowing, and thought provoking. But this... I am sorry but I am unable to find words to properly express what I am thinking.

The Universe fascinates me to no end, and I plan to dedicate my life to unravel it's mysteries.

Look at the insignificance of a single particle of fuel hurtling towards being spent in consumption and recrated as an energy burst. This endless cycle is our universe on a galactical scale. In turn our universe is a single particle in another equaly larger universe existing aside a dimentional right angle inpercievable to us. This universe contains yet another which while larger is also smaller than infinate others which eventualy returns to a particle in ours. The cycle of creation and consumption is infinate, has always existed and always will however our dimensions will be spent and recreated as fuel/energy always is. The self consuming snake is symbolic of existance. The cycle of energy is god himself. Accept the insignificance of existance yet wonder at it's awe. All that matters is that once day we will feed the worms as will our galaxy and so God shall continue.

we're all going to die.

It's obvious that Phillip is trolling. Such a wonderous discovery, and whats more wonderous is that we now have time to not only study these recently uncovered facts, and put everything else we know into a whole new perspective.

The title says "Hundreds of Millions of Stars Racing Towards a Cosmic Hotspot", yet from the article itself: "A huge swath of galactic clusters seem to be heading to a cosmic hotspot" One galaxy alone can contain hundreds of billions of stars, and galactic clusters are defined as having 50-1,000 galaxies. Luke apparently didn't take the time to gain even a basic understanding of the subject before he posted.

LOL it's so easy to see who's a /b/tard and who isn't.

Really, Chris? CHRISTFAG? Don't be so obvious about it.

inb4 rules 1&2

Strange phenomenon at the edge of the universe, and scientists at a loss how to explain it?

What more proof do we need that 'god' exists?


Hi Anthony, I think the author meant to say billions. No offense to the DG but the whole site is full of typos. Harrrie

This story is at least six months old. The previous article I read suggested that the movement of these stars could be attributed to the first evidence of a universe existing outside of our own. That is if gravity acts the same way outside of our universe as it does inside. Let me propose a name for this universe: "Mateo227"

Sounds photoshopped.

To Richard Page: Yes but where does consciousness fit in to all of it?

This article is GREAT. I mean, it's scary as hell. But I'm excited to see what comes of this.

That being said, there's a lot of unneeded arrogance here.
Phillip. Proclaiming to people to repent or burn is the equivalent of holding up a sign that says "pay no attention to me. I rant."

And Chris, dude, Christfag? The non-fanatic Christian, like myself, merely suggests that perhaps all these unexplained phenomena point to divine creation. Since we've been unable to explain thousands of scientific finds over the course of human history, is it really such a reach that maybe there's something capable of creating life? By all means, keep studying. Pursue knowledge every day relentlessly. I think it's great. But must we assume that we, humans, are the most infallible species to exist?

I don't know about any of you, but that makes me feel pretty damn small.

Looking at the stars and wondering if there is a God, is like looking at a watch and wondering if there is a watch maker. How can ants understand the vastness of the forest when all they inhabit is one little nest? How can fish in the sea comprehend the vastness of the ocean when all they have is the little school they are in? It is not hard to comprehend if one considers that there is a mind and purpose behind it all.

Space has always intrigued me. No doubt, as years go by, more and more unexplained things will be uncovered. Space if neverending and there is so much to explore.

One who insults another's belief is immature, stupid, and closed minded. Grow up.

I agree with you Phillip. Don't worry about the insults. The target audience here is science enthusiasts, so, it is normal for them to take any religious view and throw stones at it. Perhaps they have are not aware of the recent discovery explains that the universe is not composed of matter but of information?

Hey logic: "Perhaps they have are not aware of the recent discovery explains that the universe is not composed of matter but of information?"

Care to let us in on this discovery... even if you are talking about string theory, it is not a discovery in the context you mean, it is a theory.

Of course information is at the heart of everything, Einstein (and i'm sure others before him) knew that particles of light were little fuzzy fields of energy containing infomation... i.e. when a photon hits a surface it exhcnages heat (energy information), reflection is generally not merely reflection, but absorbption and emission, both of which innately require information. In fact even normal reflection require information, I was just trying to simplify (sort of).

"The target audience here is science enthusiasts, so, it is normal for them to take any religious view and throw stones at it."

Yes, becuase it's a religious view... on a fucking science website... if you want to spout religious drivel about the Universe being 6,000 years old then go talk to people who can even think on that low a level.

Could you also attempt an explanation as to how a Universe composed of matter is different to one composed of information?
Seeing as both are interchangeable from a human perspective.

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