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BioBombers of the Deep-Ocean Cosmos

Futura_ocean-1024x768 The depths of the ocean and space have a lot in common: they're hard to get to, often very dark, and we always end up with alien-looking things firing glowing projectiles at us.  A brand new species has been discovered, and when even the scientists call them "Green Bombers" you know they've got unique properties.

Found over two kilometers straight down by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the small worms have powers that would fit in with the X-Men (even if not for very long): when pursued by predators they blow off parts of their own body, organically glowing decoys which break off one or two at a time and shine brightly as they drift away.

Capt.f30edba43be14ce099e6bf7d63fd142a.green_bombers_wx105 As far as defense mechanisms go "Breaking off bits of yourself" hasn't been seen since the Black Night, who always triumphs, but at least the "Swima Bombiviridis" have a few more limbs to spare - and can grow them back later.  The inch-scale worms cluster in their hundreds in what must be the most awesome combination of aquarium, rave, and explosives defusing class amateur hour ever imagined.

It's about here that writers usually crack the old cliche of "more of the moon being explored than our oceans", and in our defense at least we at leastpresented it a bit differently just now.  The fact that we're only now discovering something that can turn parts of itself into glowsticks?  Earth is awesome, and we've lots more to learn.

Luke McKinney

New species of worm releases "bombs" 


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