Was the Speed of Light Faster in the Early Universe?
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The Daily Flash -Eco, Space, Tech (7/16)

Web_newspaper_200_100 Future of Newspapers: Go Wireless

One possible future of news as a commodity is hyperlocal information — the sort of thing that's already becoming popularized by services like Yelp, whose incarnation as an iPhone app offers directions to nearby restaurants and services, complete with with user reviews.

Twitter-bird-wallpaper FlowingData Graphs Your Life Via Twitter

Ever wonder how many cups of coffee you drink each month, or how many times you'll log into Facebook this year? Perhaps you'd like to not only track your caloric intake, but to know what times of day it peaks and troughs. Data visualization house FlowingData just released an app for that, and all you have to do is Tweet your entire life.

Android_screenshots-14_400x586 Google Voice Starts Singing for BlackBerrys And Androids

Google's been busy this last week or so, starting with the excitement of Chrome OS and now with Google Voice for smartphones getting its roll-out. The BlackBerry and Android apps dropped this morning, but iPhoners will have to wait

Mars_victoria_crater2 Grand Plans for Moon and Mars, Budget Permitting

Officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration say the new missions will be much grander — astronauts living on the Moon for months at a time, driving hundreds of miles across the lunar surface and, for the first time, building an outpost on ground that is not Earth.


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