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Harvard "Test My Brain" Quiz

Leslie-cober-gentry-on-teen-brain-in-harvard-magazine-oct-08 Test My Brain is designed to help Harvard researchers understand how the human brain works. They’d like to start with yours.

See how you  perform relative to others who take the tests. You'll find out:

How good is your number gut?

Your gut feelings about dots on a screen may reveal your math abilities -- find out how! In this experiment, you are asked to play a game to find out how precise your "gut number sense" is. How good you are at this game may relate to your mathematical ability. Are you better than your co-workers?

Take a Multiple Memory Test: Faces, Words, and Numbers:

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses -- you might be surprised at what yours are! Never forget a face, but can't remember a phone number? Or maybe it's the other way around? Test your memory for different types of information, and see how you compare to others.

Or, the Mystery Motion Experiment:

Do you see what I see? In this experiment, they will ask you to identify what you see in a brief video, and then assess certain aspects of your personality. Does your perception of certain kinds of motion relate to your personality?

Or, Your Ability to Recognize  Emotion and Identity from Faces:

How well can you read people? Can you judge identity from only face information? This test looks at two different aspects of face processing -- judging facial expressions and judging face identity (face recognition). They also look at a couple of aspects of your personality as well. Does your personality influence how well you can read other people? Find out by taking this test. Can you name that face?

Can you identify famous people from their faces? Face recognition can be surprisingly difficult when you have only face information to work with. Take this test to see how your face recognition measures up to your peers.

Take it now...

Test Your Brain


I can not drag pointer.

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i really like to know how is my brain abillity and know english in a best shape

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