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Are Planets "Living Super-Organisms"? -A Galaxy Insight

6a00d8341bf7f753ef01127908a83428a4-800wi Japan's Maruyama Shigenori, one of the world's leading geophysicists, is working on a global formula for a new field of study that would include dozens of disciplines collaborating to produce an overall picture of the Earth. As he connects the links from astronomy to life sciences, an outline emerges of an all-encompassing image of entire planets which appear as living super-organisms.

Shigenori believes that expanding the study of life sciences to the core of our world and the depths of outer space will help us find distant relatives of our own Earth -- planets that could also sustain life.

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Stanford Team Re-Engineering Brain Cells to be Controlled by Lasers

1174991014healing_quran_secrets_5 Scientists are working on genetically engineered laser-controlled brain cells.  You could take the adjectives from five scifi books, roll them into a ball and shoot them through a hyperbole gun and STILL not come up with something so incredible sounding.  The work could utterly revolutionize neurotherapy, psychology, and the goopy goo of "you" inside that bone basket you carry around on top of your neck.

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Intelligent Robotic Probes to Explore Beyond Mars


Caltech scientists are working on intelligent exploratory craft which could investigate alien worlds without human instruction.  While missions to MARS can be remotely controlled, as we set our sights further afield the light speed limitation will cause significant problems.  Even within our own solar system interesting targets like Titan and Europa are far enough away that signals would take an hour to get there and back.  Cripplingly slow when you're carefully navigating "left a bit ... wait an hour .... left a bit more"...."

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Amazon's Kindle: Will It Do to Books What Apple's iPod Did to the Music Industry?

Amazon-kindle-books The Kindle is the logical evolution of a 500-year-old analog technology that terrifies the $24 billion book-publishing industry already faint from Amazon's growing dominance.

On June 12th, Gizmodo announced that the Kindle DX,  just started shipping on Amazon to extend it's e-book reach to include textbooks and periodicals, which it will test-market to college students.The DX was sold out before the end of the week. "Either people really love that DX, the Gizmodo team quipped, "or the Earth only produces enough resources to sustain manufacturing a few units at a time."

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International Space Station Gets a New "Eye" on the Cosmos


By photographing oblique views with different sun angles, the astronauts can use the Cupola to give scientists a view of the Earth that is not available from satellites. Astronaut photographs of Earth have been used to understand Earth processes such as melting of icebergs, noctilucent clouds, dust storms, and the structure of hurricane eyes.

Julie Robinson, the ISS Program Scientist

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Will Earth Become a Planet Without Ice Caps? Leading Expert Says "Yes"


Rising sea levels will not extinguish humanity, but they will transform life on planet Earth as we know it according to Peter Ward professor of biology and earth sciences at the University of Washington. Here are his predictions in a new book, The Flooded Earth, which will be published this July.

By 2050: Sea levels will rise 0.5 to 1 meter. Well established coastal cities will battle the rising waters with dikes and levees; other cities will see their underground infrastructure impaired and face building collapse.

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Military Shuts Out Scientists from Infra-Red Signatures on All Meteors Which Hit the Planet

010808_GOES8_IR4_REPORTS_7 The military has decided to deny scientists data on incoming meteors in order to protect military secrets.  Anyone who can't see any problems with this arrangement, well done on never having seen a movie -ever.  Oh, and get Michael Bay on the phone - we've got his next plot ready.

The Air Force's Defense Support Program satellite network scans the globes for infra-red signatures (indicative of missile blasts and nuclear explosions) and incidentally picks up incredibly detailed information on all meteors which hit the planet.  Something the military didn't think was particularly interesting.  They did at least send the occasional update to the Earth-watching scientific community, scraps of data they didn't need, but a recent announcement makes it clear that there will be no more.

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