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333pxlightning_over_oradea_romani_2 Using newly developed voltage-sensitive nanoparticles, researchers have found that the previously unknown electric fields inside of cells are as strong, or stronger, as those produced in lightning bolts. Previously, it has only been possible to measure electric fields across cell membranes, not within the main bulk of cells, so scientists didn't even know cells had an internal electric field.

This discovery is a surprising twist for cell researchers. Scientists don't know what causes these incredibly strong fields or why they' are there. But now using new nanotools, such as voltage-sensitive dyes, they can start to measure them at least. Researchers believe they may be able to learn more about disease states, such as cancer, by studying these minute, but powerful electric fields.

University of Michigan researchers led by chemistry professor Raoul Kopelman encapsulated voltage-sensitive dyes in polymer spheres just 30 nanometers in diameter. Testing these nanoparticles in the internal fluid of brain-cancer cells, Kopelman found electric fields as strong as 15 million volts per meter, up to five times stronger than the field found in a lightning bolt. However, this discovery goes beyond being incredibly interesting; the finding will likely change the way researchers look at disease.

"They have developed a tool that allows you to look at cellular changes on a very local level," said Piotr Grodzinski, director of the National Cancer Institute Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer in Technology Review. Grodzinski believes many developments in cancer research, for example, over the past few years have been "reactive" rather than proactive. Despite how far cancer treatments have come, the way that cancer, and other diseases, progresses at the cellular level in the first place is still not well understood. With a better understanding, researchers could improve diagnostics and care. "This development represents an attempt to start using nanoscale tools to understand how disease develops," said Grodzinski.

Kopelman has developed encapsulated voltage-sensitive dyes that aren't hydrophobic and can operate anywhere in the cell, rather than just in membranes. Because it's possible to place his encapsulated dyes in a cell with a greater degree of control, Kopelman likens them to voltmeters. "Nano voltmeters do not perturb [the cellular] environment, and you can control where you put them," he says.

The existence of strong electric fields across cellular membranes is accepted as a basic fact of cell biology. The fact that cells have internal electric fields as well, however, is a whole new revelation. Scientists previously did not know of the existence of internal cellular energy fields, and are just in the earliest stages of understand the phenomenon. Kopelman presented his results at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology this month. "There has been no skepticism as to the measurements," says Kopelman. "But we don't have an interpretation."

Daniel Chu of the University of Washington in Seattle agrees that Kopelman's work provides proof of concept that cells have internal electric fields. "It's bound to be important, but nobody has looked at it yet," Chu says.

Posted by Rebecca Sato

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Chinese medicine, accupuncture etc has long been based on the knowledge of meridians flowing through the body. Western medicine poo-poohed and scoffed and ridiculed the notion. Here we see Western medicine trying to take over this ancient wisdom and presenting it as something new, in this disguise. "This shameful" unquote.

It is a remarkable scientific discovery made possible due to the power of nano-structured dyes that can be injected to the confines of a single cell. The huge electric field strength incorporated within a single cell indicates that the life force exists down to the tiniest component of the biological body independently of the rest. It strengths the ancient belief contained in the old indian scriptures (over 3000 yers old) that the life force exists in the tiniest component of the human body independently of the rest. This was the experience of the Saints of those days based on their vision through the practice of meditation cum yoga. What can science do when coupled with the practice of yoga today is for all to contemplate and practice in action.

Uh oh. Don't tell the robots. When they rise we'll be used as their electrical source and put into the Matrix.

Not only have many Energy Healers known about these subatomic energy fields for centuries; they also understand their relationship to health and disease.

However more importantly they know how to change these important Human Life Energy Fields quickly and simply to invoke a cure or to prevent a disease manifesting in the physical body.

It is good that modern science; with new methods, are beginning to recognize the truth that we are mostly sub atomic energy. They will discover that this energy is organized in patterns and layers and is essential for human life. Some of theses energy fields namely the Aura is responsible for the signals sent to the brain which in turn communicates to the body to create and release all the proteins and chemical needed for our bodies to grow and function. They will also eventually discover a lot more and these will be the greatest discoveries to change human behavior and health ever.

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This is the first time I've posted. I'm no scholar, but I have to know. How can anyone think that the charge is only enveloping a cell? Without the charge being internal, it's just primordial ooze. Do biologist think, energy conversion is merely a transfer, of heat, via non electric catabolism? The entire premise, of chemical energy transfer, insinuates an internal charge.

Even photosynthesis,takes for granted, an internal cellular, (electrical), charge.

Where do people get "revelations", such as the ones, postulated, in the above article? Higher learning?

...Oops, my bad, I just looked at the links. It's, junk pseudoscience. Lunatic fringe anyone? Where did I put my, tin-foil hat?

Chinese medicine, acupuncture, energy healing? Bah! Pretenders!

The real story is much more interesting: Dr. Frankenstein was right!!

Igor, raise the platform!

Yes, too many cranks are using this blog I'm afraid!

But I'm more concerned because this information was already posted about a year ago. Is The Daily Galaxy reusing information? Oh, noes!


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Whoa the crazies sure came out in force for this piece.I guess it has all the hallmarks to provoke their interest.

Ian Stone comments followed by own on Jan., 31 clearly indiacate the immense possibilities ahead to utilize single cell research for the benefit of mankind at large. Hope we scientists learn to work with good team spirit, as biologists can be helped greatly by Physicicts technologically, to adapt to the specific needs of biologists in this noble research. My name has been incorrectly spelled after my last comment as Narenra, instaed of Narendra, a minor thing as what is there in the name but the actions of an individual that lasts in effects!

Wow, finally they figured it out. Been known for decades by off-beat scientists that don't get covered by popular mechanics and such. Been known for thousands of years by natural healers.

Real headline should say: "Idiot allopathic medicine men finally find out about intercellular energy"

did they find the midicloriens?

It's happening! Many years ago, one of my professors offered the notion that in the future, my future, knowledge in the world would epoch my ability to understand it, and I would have to come to grips with modern technologies by accepting them as "magic" since I would with my paltry Degree from the 40's be unable to truly understand! It has happened! This article involves technologies I read about but do not completely understand! Kids going to school today have so much more to learn! My heart goes out to them.

Not only have many Energy Healers known about these subatomic energy fields for centuries; they also understand their relationship to health and disease.

There are no "subatomic " energy fields and these findings have nothing to do with subatomic structures!

What the fuck are you energy healers crazies the fuck talking about? This work has nothing to do with any vast energy networks for healing purposes. As technology has progressed, we have been able to measure the smaller and smaller magnetic and electric fields of particles and structures, blah blah blah. Some recent research out of argonne national lab (I think?) was able to detect the magnetic moment of single atoms. That is the highest resolution information we have been able to obtain about particle's magnetic fields. Their device doesn't work anywhere near the scale of ranges for a biological cell to survive - ultra low temperatures, ultra low pressures, etc. For biological imaging they have mainly used dyes and various forms of tracers to visualize structures. Iodine, various nuclear materials, and other things can be used for imaging effects. What this research has done is used various nanofabrication and nano-tricks to allow them to create a dye that is sensitive enough to be both visualized and recorded. Then you can understand the fancy structures, and more importantly, can watch how the internal magnetic fields of different structures change as processes occur - (which means you need the subject to be living, remember the bit about the ultra low temp and pressure? they fixed that)

tldr?; these guys made some kick ass fucking paint that they can use to understand how shit communicates inside a cell, that shit is really REALLY small so it's cool. (thats what you wish she said)

-smart guy #7

Who would have thought?


This discovery is a surprising twist for cell researchers. Scientists don't know what causes these incredibly strong fields or why they' are there. But now using new nanotools, such as voltage-sensitive dyes, they can start to measure them at least. Researchers believe they may be able to learn more about disease states, such as cancer, by studying these minute, but powerful electric fields.
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