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How Neanderthal has disappeared ?????
By the worst glaciation that this planet has suffered some 125,000 Y agò.
It is depicted by some scientists as a 'snowball'...with ice sheet covering from the poles down to equator....a true snow ball.

Neanderthal (progenitor of Sapiens) was reportedly a hunter...and lived out of hunting.

The snowball earth however must have impeded to Neanderthal to find enough meat to hunt...and who knows about viruses and bacteria due to the intense cold.

When sapiens appeared in the african areas the sonwball was retracting...and the sapiens was able to agriculture...then able to survive even in the cold and with bacteria.

It is just one of many theories...and a theory will remain.

Regards to the Neanderthal and to the parallel-subsequent Sapiens

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