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Speak Memory! Scientists Discover Drugs That Can Block Memories & Radically Alter Human Personalities

12_001 Scientists have discovered drugs which can block out memories and have the potential to radically alter human personalities.  No, this isn't the "nerd discovers beer" scene from every college movie ever - chemicals like propranolol and ZIP have already been shown to remix recollections.  But if memories make the man, what happens when you mess with them?

We simply don't know.  Neuroscience Lesson #1 is "The human brain is a terrifyingly complex device, even ones which watch American Idol."  Any alteration could cause serious side-effects, with the additional problem that such symptoms are difficult to diagnose.  If your kidney stops working, we have all kinds of ways of measuring that.  How you eventually fall over, for one thing.  But outside of the Care Bears cartoon there's nothing to quantify imagination or confidence.

A major part of this problem is that human beings are simply crap at collecting data.  Any number of reasons from forgetfulness to embarrassment can prevent patients from reporting regular symptoms for things like broken feet, never mind the nature of their own thoughts - they're patients, not Zen philosophers.  This is why some scientists think online logging might be the answer - a medical version of twitter, for example, where out-patients can report any and every odd feeling as they happen and have the data logged in real time.  It'll certainly be no worse than much of the content already up there - though putting somebody online and telling them to share personal information after erasing their memories may cause new problems.  And boost the Nigerian economy.

Editing your own mind is an ethical minefield, as well being as an enormous power to give a species that still can't use hairdryers without a small but nonzero mortality rate.  One important effect with be legal: some say it'll create complicated court cases, but there'll be nothing complicated about it.  If you're on memory-weakening drugs you are going to lose in court.  No question.  Sure, you and the doctor know that it isn't that simple, but the first lawyer to say "memory weakening" will set a precedent, and you'll be forced to choose between traumatic memories and any legal ability whatsoever.

Then again, you can always forget that you lost.

Posted by Luke McKinney.

Memory Editing Drugs


But who from among us would benefit and how? This is simply sensationalism and irresponsible because it does not inform us to the science factors involved. Just maybe, my own personal welfare can benefit by monitored use of this new breakthrough and now I could never know.

Straight away I think bad things will happen when goernments can erase memories.

Propanolol doesn't erase any memory, just make the pain recollecting it subtler, and is used since the '50 (as beta-blocker, for cardiac problems) so it's no new.

As for the ZIP it's all another matter, entirely. This molecule has to be injected directly into the brain (would you like to try that?), has been tried only on rats, and seems to work on physical level (it should *actually* erase your memories), but we don't know how selectively and with which side-effects, and I assume we won't for a very long time since it will take years before clinical trials to be started.

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