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Just Say NO To Old Age: Professor X isn't the only one with incredible mental powers: recent research says that you might be even better at brain-boosting, helping heal yourself with the power of a positive attitude - while he can't even summon up the mental energy to stand.

The power of positive thinking might make us sound infinity percent more likely to wear hemp and say "man" an inappropriate number of times for science reporters (i.e. ever), but it's real research at Harvard.  Professor Ellen Langer has conducted several studies into "mindfulness theory", researching just how much your attitude affects your actual body.  The answer: quite a bit.

One of Benjamin Button's many stories-within-stories in F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, involves the tale of a clock built for the New Orleans train station that is designed to run backwards, in the hope that it will resurrect the First World War dead.

With a similar result in mind, in one experiment Langer shut several septuagenarians in a hotel that had been redecorated in mid-eighties style, eliminating all evidence of the last two decades.  Subjects were instructed to act as if they'd really gone all Doctor Who, and after only seven days they were faster, stronger, better than before.  Stronger for seventy-year olds, anyway, and certainly stronger than a control group who didn't get this amateur time-travel and were basically left to think about how damn old they were.

This raises a number of interesting questions, and if you don't think so then we hate to bear bad news but aging applies to you too.  How can we best apply this technique to our own lives?  And if you can feel younger but have to listen to 80s music to do so, is that too high a price to pay?

Dr Langer's theory is that all the external reminders that "you are old and broken" can convince the brain and body that it must be so.  It's quite possible - anyone who talks about brain and body as if they were separate items isn't using either properly, so all kinds of unconscious instructions could affect your health.  There's no "be healthy!" switch, and this can't prevent aging (that's a job for the gene-workers) - but it can slow the clock down.

Posted by Luke McKinney.

Can we reverse aging by changing how we think? 



Extend life... stop eating. Near starvation extends life considerably. 'Tis true.

This is one of the most horribly written things I have ever read.




I think its just a matter of time!


I've been telling people this for years.
I look, feel and act young. I defy aging and ignore symptoms of old age. I fully intend to live past 200.

" x said...

This is one of the most horribly written things I have ever read."


I'm 153, but I must give up smoking.

Mind-body influence is definitely true....up to a certain extent however.

Joung people have the advantage of better and faster synaptic interconnection ...but they lack the experience of old peole.

Decision making in old men is better and it is NOT by chance that almost all the big managers of industry and enterprices are in their 60's.
To Revert the direction of time in an expanding universe of this dimension in which we are used to live and exist...it is NOT an easy task.

Life and joungness prolongation is intensely under study.....what impact that would have (if successful) on the mind we do not really know...yet.

It is true that people that live without much mental and physical stress tend to live longer and better.....and also maintain a very bright brain functions....food is also important.

Good luck to the researchers of longer life.....always bearing in mind tht we are carbon gased bipeds that desperately need Oxigen a rather oxiding (somewhat poison) gas...................
...and that the dimension in which we live is an expanding universe and so does the time....

Regards to the old guys with bright brains.

"I plan on living forever...so far so good"- steven wright

Interesting. I've known people who died of complications from smoking, not just cancer but infaszema and the like.

Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) and Fidel Castro though both smoked like chimneys, and both have been pretty long lived. Others like the Japanese Voice Actor Naya Goro (Who continues to play Zenigata in the Lupin III series (He's been in the series for about 41 years now) contract things like throat cancer.


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