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Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Discovered

Babel Over the last several years, similar petroglyphs have been identified on as many as five continents. They all date from roughly the same time-period. In the late 20th century, archaeologists discovered a collection of symbols carved in stone as petroglyphs in the Negev desert of Israel that appeared to be writing. Dating of these symbols showed that they were made over an extended period time, beginning around 1700 BC.

Ancient_petroglyphsThis strange collection of symbols was first examined by Dr. James Harris, a petroglyph expert and archaeologist from Brigham Young University. He identified the alphabet as being a proto-Canaanite system, which successfully translated by using old-Hebrew or Thalmudic phonetic sounds.

Earlier, William McGlone, an amateur archaeologist and retired space engineer, discovered the same collection of symbols carved in heavily patinated stones surrounding the Southeast town of La Junta, Colorado. Dating of the patina corresponded to the same era as the writing found in Harkarkom in Israel.

The petroglyphs in Colorado were photographed and posted on the Internet. Within a few years, images of similar petroglyphs were sent to the site where the images were hosted, Viewzone, by archaeologists and historians from many different global locations. This included a huge collection of writing from the Republic of Yemen at the site of the palace of the Queen of Sheba.

Strangely, both the writing in Colorado and Yemen spoke of a similar event, possibly related to the Sun, which was prophesied to change human civilization. Subsequent translations of sites in Oklahoma, Australia and South America have added more details about this future event.

The majority of the petroglyphs have already been verified to be of ancient origin, which makes it quite puzzling to experts. How did they all have the same language and tell the same story on opposite ends of a globe? Perhaps our ancient ancestors traveled more than previously thought possible.

Research is currently being conducted to further validate the authenticity and common features of the writing.

Posted by Rebecca Sato.




Electric universe theorists offers a logical explanation...

That second image has been enhanced. This information should have been disclosed. Naughty, naughty.

Whoa, did anyone else here read The Descent by Jeff Long? spooky. It's that, or Joseph Smith was right...

Many Old Testament records are rejected only because they do not conform to modern experience or (useless) theories and philosophies. The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues is one of the most misunderstood accounts in the Old Testament. This misunderstanding leads to claims that the account is purely mythical. But this is not true. It was a real event. However, it does not state that God changed the languages of man. An objective reading of the biblical text (and modern clinical experiments) explains what really happened. For more on this and other biblical mysteries check out


After reading another article on how a writer at New Science magazine ferrets out articles/text that are disguised attempts to insert religious "science" into it (like when creationists try to insert "intelligent design" into discussions of evolution). Sometimes it comes across very subtly, however here, I find it not too subtle. The researcher is from the Mormon university, Brigham Young University. This sounds more like an attempt to link the bible to these so-called "discoveries".

The petroglyphs are explained in the book and DVD titles, "Thunderbolts of the Gods". It is available at . Plasma physics explains the atmospheric phenomena the petroglyphs represent.

Genesis and Plato both told us about the civilization (race) that existed before ours. There is only one continent that fits the desription and has never been seen by the eyes of men (our race). It's buried under two miles of ice.

I have been working with photo-editing programs long enough to see those symbols are shopped in, and poorly.
Each line has the same color value as any other.
I would also venture to say the program/human being used to shop the characters is not of very high quality.
I can think of almost no real situations in which parts of an image would have a uniform tonality.
At least in photo shop you can overlay anything you want over any image. The overlain image will match the highlights, mid tones, and shadows of the underlying image.
Aside from the quality of the example photo, there are signals pointing to ulterior motive.
Why is there a picture of the Tower of Babel?
Why is it not explicitly mentioned in the text?

In short.
Total Bullshit.

Religion always gets numerous responses, especially when it's a phony interpretation being published. Real religion doesn't need propping up with weird "co-incidences."

People.... I love to believe in these crazy sorts of things, but seriously how dumb can it get? If you look at the picture of the "glyphs" it is SO obviously BAD photoshop work. Matter of fact putting aside the fact the lines are white which they would not be, the supposed drawn lines go OVER shadowed faces and cracks in the rocks.... So I guess they are magic glyphs that are written over an empty patch of air huh?........ Seriously people....

compared with the alphabet at, there is almost no symbol matching, perhaps the eye and hand symbol are the only truly matching ones. So not only has someone drawn a white crayon on the photo, it does not match the early known alphabets. In Israel people wrote in lines, not all over the place too.

I agree with the other users here on the aspect that this information may be "Bullshit", However if this "Claim" were to provide inconclusive evidences, i.e. side by side comparison, broken interpretations from multiple reliable sources of professional linguistics, then and only then, would I may pay more of a focused interest in this finding. It does go without saying that any specific field of study whether it be archaeology, natural linguistics, or human behavior that something of this statute would itself be the "Holy Grail" of human lineage and development. We all would like to know "WHERE WE CAME FROM" no matter what, and the candle in the darkness of our "souls" or our residual DNA Memory markers,that tell us that we all were at one point of the same dissensions then who are we to argue the irrefutable truth of scientific truth. lets take a look at this objectively for one moment. If any of you have taken remedial computer classes you have obviously learned object oriented development or JAVA. What this does is to show an individual how to take items and place an outside of the box view to define a set path or goal. so using this idea lets look at language, we can all agree that there are a few languages that words or expressions for an act, object or moment do not correlate with any other language , that we all no matter how you say it, say the same thing merely in a different fashion,way, or accent. Also each individual sect, diversity, ethnicity, creed, and religion have a plethora of similarities. If one who is not devout Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, or Spirit Walker, read all that these religions or beliefs have to teach or offer without consummating their internal desires to its teaching, then one can say that they all follow the same path and expect the same results, almost. SORRY I am not trying to be a "RELIGIOUS" person here. However should you take those same principals and apply them to language as a whole, then you can see the similarities, you can take each and every word and break it down. you can take a word that is regularly used today and define its space of origin, then dissect that origin and find a combination of one or more words that may have been meshed together to formulate that word. with this unbiased breakdown, should we want to, we would be able to positively affirm those first and few syllables uttered by either our simian brothers to communicate, or in another explanation of RELIGIOUS, that we spoke as breath was filled through us be G-D we could see the same language spoken or "communicated, even for those who speak non verbally. This is a debate that yes can turn into bullshit very very quick, however, even a single continent with a race of simians can compose a program to with enough time and effort to "create a literal translation of "JIBBERJAB" found on a rock in a desolate location found in the Antarctic that is assumed to be over 200 Million years old could be done. So call it what you will but in the scientific community the idea of a theory means that you can only disprove it, but never prove it without a reasonable doubt.

I thought the stuff Yemen was Himyaritic?

someone should mention the cocaine mummies here

This article was posted only a couple of days ago. The data contained therein is ancient. Why not just chill out a while longer and see what happens.

ancient man was not unobservant, even if you go by the formula 90 per cent is bs, theres enough leftover to speculate that there may be somthing to all those old legends. even if you disregard the bible as nothing but a history book and view christ as santa claus for grown ups the stories about the nephilim would tend to make you think of the greek and roman gods and others. suppose these nephilim are the same thing and all the writings you are on about spread over the globe as a result of their influence. wave the bullshit flag all you want, but a few hundred years ago people were wavin it at the idea the earth was round

To paraphrase Hubert Hunphrey: "Everyone has the right to be heard, but no one has the right to be taken seriously."

And our imaginations continue to fodder our science. Not a bad thing, but while people were writing on or carving pictures on walls of stone how much detail could they impart. Granted they had a lot of time on their hands, but no art school classes to help with depth or perspective. So round is round, life is simple and everything else is most likely ALIEN anyway.

Lol, the comments to this post are hilarious. Whether this is true or not, definitely got some entertaining discussion going!

The thought of an ancient race getting taken out by some natural distaster isnt that far fetched. I've personally seem people lose all their possessions and connections with the world through disaster or occurrence, who's to say it couldn't happen to an entire society? Just because they're advanced enough to draw pictures, communicate, do a little math, and think logically, doesn't grant them the ability to stop a natural disaster. I mean heck, look at us, we pride ourselves on technological advancements and advancing our knowledge, but we can't even keep our world economy working smoothly.

Interesting notion, theorizing on the past is always fun because its really a crapshoot. Who KNOWS what really happened? Nobody. Yes you can draw educated conclusions, research and test stuff, but there's always a huge margin of error.

Upon what basis are these claims made? I don't see any links to references or legitimate news stories from respected news sites. So, can some references be added pointing to who is doing the research and in what field. Archaeology? Linguistics? Astrology? (Hehe... j/k, mostly.)

Seriously though, any links to verifiable sources or mention of names involved with the research / discovery? Or was this pulled out of thin air?

I'm well aware of the symbols carved into rock around the world, and certain researches into the same. I'm just wondering who else is finally putting some of the pieces together.

Sorry, skimmed too quickly. A couple names were mentioned. Any particular papers or other materials of note available? Will look into the names and see what I can dig up on my own, I guess...


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