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Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Discovered

Babel Over the last several years, similar petroglyphs have been identified on as many as five continents. They all date from roughly the same time-period. In the late 20th century, archaeologists discovered a collection of symbols carved in stone as petroglyphs in the Negev desert of Israel that appeared to be writing. Dating of these symbols showed that they were made over an extended period time, beginning around 1700 BC.

Ancient_petroglyphsThis strange collection of symbols was first examined by Dr. James Harris, a petroglyph expert and archaeologist from Brigham Young University. He identified the alphabet as being a proto-Canaanite system, which successfully translated by using old-Hebrew or Thalmudic phonetic sounds.

Earlier, William McGlone, an amateur archaeologist and retired space engineer, discovered the same collection of symbols carved in heavily patinated stones surrounding the Southeast town of La Junta, Colorado. Dating of the patina corresponded to the same era as the writing found in Harkarkom in Israel.

The petroglyphs in Colorado were photographed and posted on the Internet. Within a few years, images of similar petroglyphs were sent to the site where the images were hosted, Viewzone, by archaeologists and historians from many different global locations. This included a huge collection of writing from the Republic of Yemen at the site of the palace of the Queen of Sheba.

Strangely, both the writing in Colorado and Yemen spoke of a similar event, possibly related to the Sun, which was prophesied to change human civilization. Subsequent translations of sites in Oklahoma, Australia and South America have added more details about this future event.

The majority of the petroglyphs have already been verified to be of ancient origin, which makes it quite puzzling to experts. How did they all have the same language and tell the same story on opposite ends of a globe? Perhaps our ancient ancestors traveled more than previously thought possible.

Research is currently being conducted to further validate the authenticity and common features of the writing.

Posted by Rebecca Sato.



And so what ?? Petrogliphs similar at distant continenets with similar symbols ??

There must be some lost group of 'Greens' (or Grays?)that entered and went out of the usual metropolitan legend.
They had the proper transport systems to move around ...supposedly ...and could have written a story at different locations on stones so as not be easily lost....

Then what ?? We must rehabilitate the usual metropolitan legend.

Regards to various traveling and stone writing bipeds.


Just look at the "symbols".

It's trash like this that really ruins this site.

From what I have witnessed in all these years, is that the Seekers of Knowledge deny the very source of that knowledge. You reject Jesus and The Bible as a source of the true knowledge which you all seek. Seriously, take step one before you seek elsewhere, Get the knowledge of the Holy Spirit, and everything else you all seek wlll come into fashion. Without the Key, life will always be a mystery.

I think it was Elvis.

Or at least a reference to an Elvis sighting.

Or concert.


Gotta have Elvis, though.

if you follow the links, it shows many more pictures and even possible interpretations, the striking appearance of the one on this page is simply because of a white overlay made to show us the symbols and etchings that might not be seen otherwise. i think the whole idea is plausible and could be signs of a language carried across continents before the ice age which caused our diversification. it also shows possibly the first astronomical ability to predict solar eclipses.

Petroglyphs all over the World shows symbols from 2 kinds of dimensions: The Physical and the Spiritual.

Humans all over the World have used symbols of both animals and humans in order to describe their perception of Creation.

- We all live on the same Planet under the same Sky. Of course the Sun, the Moon, some planets and many common Star Constellations gives many similar rock art or petroglyph symbols.

- And when it comes to the more specific spiritual symbols, we have to look at the specific petroglyph which relates to the largest figure in the Sky, the Milky Way figure.

- No story of Creation can be fully understood unless one accept the concept of the spiritual way of getting knowledge via the shamanistic journey out of body, communicating intuitively with the Creation itself.

The very basics of the Stories of Creation deals foremost with the creation of our Milky Way Galaxy, and all the galaxy symbols are the most commonly observed symbols all over the World.

So it´s not very surprisingly that we have so many common symbols - the modern human have just forgot the natural origin and meaning.

Ivar Nielsen, Denmark

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Good Day everyone whom may concern . Sorry if my English not good. Why make yourself puzzle, just concentrate on our daily routine maybe i day you will understand how our ancestor behaved like... hope that you all can take some of our advise...

I keep reading the accusations of hoax and fraud~ but as James Harris- I went there to the Arabah~ the Hijaz the Dead Sea Rift the Negev the Mtns of Edom, and plied the ancient trade routes. I invested my lifes inheritance in search of the origins of the concepts composing language the alphabet the earliest etymons and the evolution of scripts, and I can prove this absolutely.

Since being shown the place I'm at now -while selling the symbols and writings inscribed into gemstone jewelry on ebay out of internet cafes in the Arab world- has become my home... it is an Israelite Tabernacle site and Cooperative Agricultural Colony dating to 759 BCE in New Mexico. At Hidden Mtn 35 airmiles due SW of Albuquerque, and 16 miles due W of LosLunas.

Here is the best example of monospace Paleo Hebrew (which was necessary to map out how the 10 commandments were written in stone originally) ever found, the oldest known Decalogue, the only intact Altar to the Biblical GOD, and a panorama of communicative interrelations with indigenous natives abounding in petroglyph all around!

I've enjoyed the last 3 years walking these miles, and found 5 fields of ancient arcing furrows for wind driven irrigation, much pottery and knapping, a hunting /herding-cliffing location, and then there's the original 'pottery mound' of Thor Warner who came up the mtn ("Fortification Mesa") on the Southern side in 1926.

I've been to the Purgatoire S of LaJunta and walked it's length exploring too, and while the early Ligature phase of Proto Hebrew is not so comparable to my established Paleo Hebrew of Israel-Judah the Icon that binds them (Y'aH) abounds! And the people of this way-Archaic period of time when the Hebrews were in Egypt (1850-1450 BCE) knew EL which is even more apparent!

I'm actually well equipped with the evidences to present that the Phoenicians were bringing crews establishing outposts returning with ore and generally working trade here in America throughout the Bronze and Iron ages, not to mention the before and after that evidences Eastward and Westward for Chinese, Inyo-Libyan, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Iberic, and Etruscan-Roman!

In fact I think I'll start with some simple truth explanations!

im gunna drop some knowledge for you close mind'ed peeps out there, there is a foreign language spoken other than a human and the pictures above not might be the language that was spoken but will post the language they spoke soon as i can... some people cant handle it or get angry but its the truth... anyways will post that up then u guys can look it up cant remember right now wut that language is on the top of my head but you guys can look it when i do n hope you do because it is a real language and will explain it damn im pissed cuz cant remember it right now and people are postn some random s**t need to get your act together too much run around post whats real deff not sumerian or wutevre the hell...

Well, I think the language symbol in ancient times is quite fascinating, right?

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This is the real thing! You cannot fake ANCIENT PETROGLYPHS. The Holy Word is true. God scattered his Holy People to the four corners of the world. The writing obviously came from the Negev the land of the inheritance of Judah. The people of the writing, the Native American are their descendants. God will reveal this in His good!

If I could just really get this...just so confusing...
Trying to find the oldest language is amongst the hardest problem in science – this is how experts in diverse fields including linguistics, archaeology and anthropology call the search for the most ancient language among humans. Although the origin of language in humans has been the subject of heated debates and discussions for several centuries, scholars have yet to arrive at a general consensus on its when, how and why.
But my gut tells me it is the language of the Hindu thinker.
A written record may encode a stage of a language corresponding to an earlier time — either as a result of oral tradition, or because the earliest source is a copy of an older manuscript that was lost. Oral tradition of epic poetry may typically bridge a few centuries, and in rare cases, over a millennium. An extreme case is the Vedic Sanskrit of the Rigveda: the earliest parts of this text are dated to c. 1500 BC, while the oldest known manuscript dates to the 11th century AD, corresponding to a gap of approximately 2,500 years.
I just feel that if my crazy southern baptist upbringing did,was prepared me to fail.I go against what I was shown,and it is normally
Have a great day.

I've seen Proto-Canaanite and that is not it. In fact, the various symbols and the bright coloration lead me to believe this is a forgery. Considering the fact that this scientist is also from a university founded by people that have a religion that is dependent on Native Americans being from ancient Israel. There is no verified evidence of Hebrews in America. All the tales and supposed sites seem to be fakes. Interestingly enough, it is possible that the Canaanites and maybe even Proto-Canaanites came to America, however this does not mean it is related to Hebrews. It is currently believed that the Phoenician Empire were the Canaanites and that they were in actuality Greeks (possible of Minoan or Cretan origin). This is dirived from their discription in the Bible and the accounts of their battles with the Egyptians. Quite notably some of the original commandments from the old testament were devised by Sumarians and copied on minature Hammurabi tablets. They were written in multiple languages and a number are known to have gone into the land of Canaan. This would mean that the language is technically foreign to Israel and they shouldn't use it. But considering they only started to really follow commandments on not marrying outside the faith after inter breeding with the remaining Canaanites post Exodus. So ironically, this is either a fake or from a non-Abrahamic culture (which was known for being expert sea traders)... thus they are proving they lack the real understanding of their supposed subject matter as well as the religions and cultures their faith was based on.

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