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Early Jupiter Devoured Its Moons

Jupitermoonsvisible68508sw_2 What's better than a cannibal planet?  How about a GIANT cannibal planet?  How about a GIANT cannibal planet that's in our solar system with us?  No, it's not Unicron - it's Jupiter, the gas monster that now seems to have much more violence in its history than a mere storm system larger than the Earth.

When the sun first formed out of interstellar gas, the whole assembly had a fairly high rotational speed, so not all the dust fell into the fusion reactor furnace.  A lot of it got spun out into a rotating disk.  Local density fluctuations in this disk formed the cores of planets and moons, which gobbled up unused material to grow. Gas-cored planets like Jupiter and Saturn formed first, far more quickly than their rocky siblings.

The problem for Jupiter's doomed moons was that maintaining an orbit around a larger body means balancing centripetal acceleration against gravitational attraction, but these early orbiters had to slog through a relatively thick dust medium.  The constant friction slowed the satellites until they eventually fell into the planet.  This happened five times, in fact, until the current generation of moons formed just as the disk was running out of material.

Even more awesomely, the same picture applies on the larger scale - early gas-cored planets which happened to form too close to the sun could also have been dragged to extinction by dust friction.  But since all the evidence was literally tossed into a giant fusion reactor, we may never know.

Posted by Luke McKinney.

Cannibal Jupiter


*tries to imagine what its like throwing a planet into Jupiter*


As the sol has accreted by sucking in all the possible Hydrongen and other materials around it....so the gas giants of this systems have done the same.
Roky planets are the results of the new born star tossing out (expelling) the more dense materials...like our ferrous nucleus...and so on...

This is believed to be the most accepted theory.

Furthermore in the new under formation solar system the big hits among large bodies in all orbits were more frequent than those of nowadays...

Planet earth was likely hit by a mars like planet and our axis of rotation definitely damaged to become a trottle....with some 23° inclination to the ecliptic plane.
Hence was not only juppiter that had 'sucked in' large bodies (much larger that SL9)...but also the so called metallic planets like ours....had terrific impacts (much larger than the one in Xiculub)...

Regards to Juppiter the master of the gas jants of this solar system....but also to the planet X that hit the earth and gave us an inclined axis for us to be happy with 4 seasons.

Regards to all of us

I'm pretty sure Jupiter has also devoured many a comet and large asteroid in it's time.

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