Future Threats to the Global Environment-NanoMaterials, Manmade Viruses & Biomimetic Robots
The Search for an Ancient Supernova in the Antarctica


The Bible and the Invisible UFO's... Astronauts of Antiquity... They are Here! (in a parallel universe) - The case of an image taken by Jim Templeton in Carlisle (England), in 1964, which showed, after its development, a human being dressed in a silvery suit near his daughter:

'strong in power' (Vv'ON1E!FoUnDiaNA)
I$A@a 40:26 Lift uP yOUR i/eyes/I'$/eYe/I'$/EYE$ on higherlevelinkalein, and see who hath kreated these!, t!hat bringe!t!h out their host bYe number; HEN kalleEt!h them'Ov@D'O!K! all@H by name; by the! greatness of hi$ might!, and F4OUR that HEN i$ $tRoNg INN P'OvVER, not Vv'ON1E! i$ l@kKINgOmER'OZ'd@b@R.

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