Will the Internet Evolve into a Lifeform? -A Galaxy Insight
Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Discovered


gah. i've never seen someone make such an exciting subject sound so boring

* The Register (12th February 2009) - Pope's star watcher to visit Nasa and talk aliens: The Vatican is to go head to head with Nasa over the possibility of life existing anywhere else in the Universe except Earth. The discussion is actually likely to be rather convivial when Lynn Rothschild, astrobiologist at NASA's Ames Research Center, debates the topic with the Vatican Observatory's director emeritus George Coyne at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco next week...
* Secrets of the Vatican: UFO's in the Ancient Art... Messiah - His Spaceships... Vatican and Planet X:
* The Register (20th February 2009) - NASA talks little green men with Vatican... Coyne was joined NASA Ames Center astrobiologist Lynn Rothschild at an evening discussion for the Commonwealth Club and the Yale Club of Silicon Valley....

Yo, organim. That's my sister. Meet me in Prospect Park in an hour and I'll push your face in the snow.

I've said before..... Titan & Europa, Titan & / or Europa as extra - terrestrial locations for past & present life. Mars just isn't the place, unless the Martian life forms are really hiding, or their biochemistry can't be readily detected by the instruments used by our probes.

Are you kidding me?! I thought Rothschild did a wonderful job of outlining limits on life and key points of interest in the search for life . . . I have always thought her to be an extremely dynamic and interesting lecturer and furthermore her work on extremeophiles is unmatched. get a clue organim.

Sally is right - Dr. Rothschild does a great job here. Organim, quit hatin' and try congratulatin' for once.

I think Dr. Rothschild does a great job of presenting and integrating biology knowledge in the context of universe!

Rothschild presented this topic amazingly. It's not her fault you're so not on her level.

Anybody in the " Europa & Titan as other places for life " camp is OK in my book. Mars may have fossils / micro - fossils, but I think ( Hope that maybe a future discovery proves me wrong ) that putting all our eggs ( read " hopes " ) in the Mars " Basket " is a mistake in the search for Extra - Terrestrial life.

Hey organim, I think this link will take you to some science that is more at your level. http://www.theonion.com/content/science


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