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Google Earth Can Now Look Under the Ocean, Scan the Skies & Map Mars.

Gocean10 The guys at Google Labs continue to make an mockery of every other company in the world, providing updates which utterly annihilate not only your expectations but even the original concept of the application.  The latest such improvement is to Google Earth, which can now look under the ocean, scan the skies and map Mars.

Google Earth 5 incorporates data on 10% of Earth's oceans into the planetary browser.  That might not sound like much, but that's all we've got - we know about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean.  (Oh, Google Moon provides a map of that too, as part of Google's ongoing effort to know everything ever.)

This can only be good news for the environmental debate - instead of listening to two different sides shouting at each other and having to ask "Which side have scientists and which side want to drill/dump/hunt stuff?" (which is actually not a bad technique), people can now investigate the available information on their own.  More, the investigative effort of poking and prodding at an interactive map are far more likely to provide education than the usual screaming headlines of "The Icecaps are still melting and You still aren't listening."

So the next time you find yourself hitting "refresh" on an empty inbox, head on over and install Google Earth instead.  It's a truly incredible piece of kit - mankind has literally made a map of the stars available to anyone with a computer, and most would rather read LOST spoilers. You can look at Olympus Mons on your desktop - isn't that more interesting than Solitaire?


Ah yes, insulting the intelligence of Solitaire players, LOST fans, and OCD emailers all in one article.

Kudos to you, keeping the smug levels as high as ever here.

"to make an mockery of"? That kind of English made my eyes stumble.

When will the GOOGLE hollow earth edition be ready for download?

Sorry for the commenters....above.

Google is doing well....congratulations to their inventive and creativity.

Clever guys ...that have the courage of stating that the network (the internet) is NOT only Obsolete ...BUT that is Junk.... : AGREED.

Regards to all and to Google.

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