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Europa 1 - Titan 0

6a00d8341bf7f753ef0105368a6970970b8 The proposals have been studied, the cool computer graphics have been shown, the votes are in and we have a winner: the next Great Big Space Mission will be heading for Jupiter, there to study the largest planet in the solar system and four of its most interesting moons: Ganymede, Callisto, Io, and of course, Europa.

The Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) is also a great sign that Earth-side scientists are starting to get what any study of other planets should imply about "nations".  The EJSM is a combination of two separate missions, the NASA Europa Orbiter and the European Space Agency (ESA) Laplace mission, as the space agencies start to pool their resources and work together.  It would be kind of stupid to develop two entirely separate, incredibly expensive systems to solve the same problem because of a puddle on Earth.  You know, like we did in all our previous missions up to this point Cold War.

The merged mission will consist of two orbiters, one built and launched by each agency.  It'll take the twins six years to get there and begin their tour of some of the most interesting things in the solar system.  The immense gas giant Jupiter, the magnetic fields and suspected subsurface sea of Ganymede, the impact-record of the early solar system scarring Callisto, the heated oceans of Europa, and of course the volcanic activity on Io.

This isn't a "no" for the Titan mission either, just a "not now." Faced with two possible space missions everyone wanted to say "both", but the billion-dollar budgets kind of put a crimp on such extravagance.  The Titan Saturn Mission System will be kept on the cards for future funding cycles.  As it features a co-ordinated orbiter, lander and even a super-science balloon, it will also be kept as an option for future Gerry Anderson series.

Posted by Luke McKinney.


NASA and ESA Prioritize Outer Planet Mission



Well, so we ignored the monolith builder's injunction. & I've got a feeling we aren't going to exclude Titan. I'll say it YET again -

Mars may look like a " sexy " place for the existence of life, past or present, but Europa & / or Titan seem like much better candidates, at least to this observer.

Arthur Clarcke said 'Do not go to Europa'in a BOOK ... and moovie...nobody else I think.

Why that mission shall not be done ??? Black stones in the book ??

Europa is the likely place in te solar system with living species available in the Oceans underneath. The temperature may be suitable for superior life forms like fishes or similar in the highest depth of our oceans....always in the dark.

Oceans of Europa are made of water...

Titan has an ATM done of Hydrocarbons and strange acid stuff. Temperature is 155 °kelvin...likely --135*centigrade (DO not know and I hate farenheit : a NON linear obsolete temp-scale) .
Here we say is only good for cubic feets and squared yards and statute miles, pint,inches, once........etc....middle age stuff (300Y ago ??).

Life on Titan ???..YES for Euopean and USA dreamers.

The most interesting thing that i saw around Saturn is Enceladus.

Anybody has his own opinions and I am proud to think that during my life a human made Hydrobot made magic walks in the oceans of Europa...may be with fantastic discoveries.....Artur Clarcke ( a former NASA engineer ) or NOT.

Regards to all Metric units or Strange antiquate Units of measure and to those that will have enough trusts and beliefs in an Europa Mission.

Regards also to the question Europa or Titan ??

At the end of the day we (and I) have to respect the anybody opinions.

It is not about life on other moons and planets, it is about how soon we can put what we know of as life on other moons and planets. Europa, Titan, Io, Encelaudus are very, very far away...... What's the use if we just find a little about each of these places? Better to settle Mars, explore it and make settlements, by then we will have learned so much more to travel other distances from there!

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