Helsinki's "City Wall" -A Collaborative Social Space
The Dolphin Paradox: New technology helps disprove 72-year-old scientific mystery

The Daily Flash: Eco, Space, Science (11/25)

Batteries1_4 Study Increases Fuel Cell Efficiency By 75%

Music Fan Charges iPod With an Onion

Who needs fossil fuels? 3 green power ideas escape the lab

Los Alamos observatory fingers cosmic ray 'hot spots'

Swiss Company to Launch Solar Powered Submarine

Astronaut Invents Zero-G Coffee Cup

Alien-like Squid Filmed at Ultra-Deep Oil-Drilling Site

Return of the Neanderthals

Oceans Ten Times More Acidic Than Thought

Will the next Einstein come from Africa?

“Fish” Machine Turns Ocean Vibrations into Energy

Astronomers and physicists: Are we getting signals from a shadow universe of dark matter?


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