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Seven Words You Can't Say on TV: Is Swearing the Oldest Form of Language?

Anniehall2_3"I told him to be fruitful and multiply, but not in those words."

Woody Allen

Is the gap between objective and inner reality the reason we have difficulty understanding large numbers, the way statistics works, scientific theories like quantum physics or how to navigate the complexities of modern society, which is so different from a small tribe of hunter-gatherers?

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Green -The Daily Flash (10/31)

Mpg Gadgets to Make Us Smarter Drivers

Polar warming 'caused by humans'

Climate Change To Devastate Or Destroy Many Penguin Colonies

Royal Society to research potential of geo-engineering to limit global warming

Cheap New Turbine Could Turn Your Roof into a Wind Farm

Miniature, Super-Sensitive Greenhouse Gas Sensor Being Developed

Pesticides, Fertilizers Linked to Frog Decline

Can Cloning Save Earth's Biological Heritage?

Woolly_mammoth_2_2_3 “Modern life” is killing off the animal kingdom, but there are no easy solutions for the crisis. Some scientists believe that cloning may offer a partial solution. While it may make only a tiny dent in the problem, scientists argue that at least it would preserve the world’s biological heritage from total annihilation.

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Will Blackberrys Alter the Brains of Future Generations?

Blackberryrim8800943_2 We've all descended from a common ancestor, but, as Homo sapiens, we no longer brachiate through trees and have long abandoned our stone tools for Blackberrys and iPods. Evolution has shaped us into the big-brained, bipedal, text-messaging specimens we are today. But it didn't happened without a lot of pressure. SETI Radio takes a look at some of the forces that have driven human evolution - from the snake-phobia that sharpened our eyesight, to the anger-management that was a prerequisite for civilization.

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MIT research finds global warming may be part of natural cycles, contradicts scientific data

122450main_methane_chart_lg Scientists at MIT have recorded a nearly simultaneous world-wide increase in methane levels. This is the first increase in ten years, and what baffles science is that this data contradicts theories stating man is the primary source of increase for this greenhouse gas. It takes about one full year for gases generated in the highly industrial northern hemisphere to cycle through and reach the southern hemisphere. However, since all worldwide levels rose simultaneously throughout the same year, it is now believed this may be part of a natural cycle in mother nature - and not the direct result of man's contributions.

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"The Elegant Universe": Brian Greene Shares Insights on the 'Theory of Everything'

Brian_greene_elegant_universe Theoretical physicist Brian Greene is without a doubt the poster child of string theory. Being a good-looking geek who is also a Hollywood savvy physics genius would be hard to pull off, but Greene makes it all look so easy.

The best-selling author of the Pulitzer nominated book The Elegant Universe has helped write dialogue for 3rd Rock From the Sun, lent cameos to films like Mimzy and guested on The Colbert Report, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Letterman when he isn’t busy figuring out the nature of the Universe. But as any scientist can tell you, a big part of finding big answers is asking big questions. Greene happens to be a master at asking big questions as you'll read in his interview with with Common Ground's Jamie Friddle.

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Cosmic Challenge Searches for Dark Energy Explanation

Dark_energy_cluster_2 It continues baffle scientists and astronomers alike, as no one can prove that it exists, but it seems that it hast to exist. Dark energy, seemingly making up 75% of our universe’s matter, could possibly lead to Einstein’s law of gravity being wrong, but will definitely expand our understanding of the cosmos if we can explain it.

Now,38 scientists from 19 international institutions have started the GRavitational Lensing Accuracy Testing 2008 (GREAT08) PASCAL Challenge, an international competition challenging anyone interested to solve the dark energy/matter mystery.

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Green -The Daily Flash (10/30)

Middle_east_2 A Greener Middle East?

Intel Invests in China’s Cleantech

In Energy Policy Speech, Palin Fails to Mention Global Warming

Australian Households Paid $15,000 to Go Green

MIT Researcher Mimics Photosynthesis To Turn Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen

Giant Tsunami Washed Ashore 600 Years Ago
Mercedes Unveils Formula Zero

Nuclear Power “Economics Are Just Not There”: Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute