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Lhc_hall_1 For many of us, counting down until the 10th of September has been fun. We’ve inadvertently been hoping for a black hole or strangelet to pop up near the Geneva border, as the Large Hadron Collider was switched on. As of writing this, the world still manages to survive, so things are looking up. Sure, it would have been cool to say “my planet got eaten by a strangelet” but, who’s complaining?

Already images are arriving from the LHC, showing us who-knows-what, and it won’t be long until data starts streaming out along their dedicated intranet to scientists across the planet.

The clockwise beam completed this first test lap in under an hour, causing an eruption of joy and an outbreak of bubbly in the control room. "No-one would have imagined that this could have been done in less than an hour. It's phenomonenal, quite unbelievable," an operator told AFP. "We are very happy and proud."

But the real interest, having moved past the initial phase of not being eaten by a strangelet (I’m having a hard time getting over that), is whether the Higgs boson will be found, the so called “God particle.”

The “father of the ‘God Particle’,” Professor Peter Higgs, believes that “it’s pretty likely” that scientists will finally find the missing link in the Standard Model. "The way I put it is that if there isn't anything there, then it means I and a lot of other people no longer understand all the things we understand about these weak and electromagnetic interactions," said Higgs, now 79 years old, a few hours after the LHC was switched on.

But not everyone is as optimistic. Everyone’s favorite physicist and mathematician, Stephen Hawking, has bet $100 that the LHC will not find the Higgs boson.

"The LHC will increase the energy at which we can study particle interactions by a factor of four. According to present thinking, this should be enough to discover the Higgs particle," Hawking told BBC radio. "I think it will be much more exciting if we don't find the Higgs. That will show something is wrong, and we need to think again. I have a bet of 100 dollars that we won't find the Higgs."

I almost tend to agree with Hawking, though from a purely bystander point of view. I won’t actually have to rethink anything if they fail to find the Higgs. Of course, by the time that they discern there is no Higgs to find, some years down the track, I will have only just gotten over my disappointment that we didn’t get eaten by a strangelet.

Posted by Josh Hill.


interested persons can view a live webcam from inside CERN.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! nice one :). Good joke, at least, I hope it was a joke...

Hawking should have a sitcom. Always good for a laugh. Betting $100 dollars that a $9 billion dollar machine wont live up to it's full potential is pure comedic genius.

Hawking should have a sitcom. Always good for a laugh. Betting $100 dollars that a $9 billion dollar machine wont live up to it's full potential is pure comedic genius.

Hawking should have a sitcom. Always good for a laugh. Betting $100 dollars that a $9 billion dollar machine wont live up to it's full potential is pure comedic genius.

why doesn't anyone seem to understand that there has yet to be a collision of any type at the LHC. not that i believe that there will be a earth swallowing black hole or a stranglet from any Tev collision with this experiment, without a collision as of yet what is every one talking about! if you were holding your breath, (you fool), suck it up 'cause you aint done yet. yikes this was just a test to see if a proton could, at very low trillions of electron volts (Tev) could just make itself into a circle!

Man, this is bullshit. We're all going to die someday. Is it too much to ask that I die being sucked into a black hole created by a collider and the hubris of mankind? Maybe it's time to start talking about a supercollider.

I thought they'd be looking for a Graviton and to see if it disappears proving the likelihood of an alternate universe...I wonder if they will see or detect a graviton produced in this experiment..?

The Evil Black Hole Machine has crapped out. Is it too much to expect an alternative universe to pop out of the LHC with Evil Lincoln, Evil Ghandi, a mass - murdering Mother Teresa, where Buddha lived like Hugh Hefner, etc. ?

Seriously, even without the " God Particle " we can expect some mind - boggling discoveries. Dare we hope for an alternative energy source as a side - benefit ( Energy from quantum particles ) ?

Well, we can hope that the god's particle is like the "embryo cells" and can be controlled to make the basics of a star trek's materializer, je, that from a sci fi fan perspective.

jer35mx -

Are you talking about harnessing a possible " God particle " to generate matter as well as an alternative energy source ?

It would be WILD if we could harness such energies in a fashion similar to the ZPM of Stargate Atlantis. Think of the possibilities !!

Even though, for the time being, it's in the ralm of science - fiction, but imagine saying good bye to fossil fuels, etc., & using radiation to generate power from some " quantum space "..... WOW !

Quantum what.. people including all the phyicist today still don't understand quantum mechanics .. they think they do though :) I have a physics and engineering degree.. the reason we have quantum mechanics is because we are part of the universe (the system) and the system can't measure beyond the system so it become probabalistic.. yes Bohr was right qunatum mechanics is correct eistein is also right .. there are hidden variables. How can they both be right .. because we live in the universe. Some people might understand that point if they think about it... Also there's our brain and evolution.. our brain can't see waves it only sees particles so we have to think in particles and numbers.. the universe is waves and energy.. the models we have of our universe is a universe of discourse not the real universe... Making a black hole or a stranglet.. possibly but there is not such things as particles even though you think there are. People don't worry most physcist really have 0 idea and are only testing what they were taught in uni. btw the mechanism for create a black whole is a collapse into a point center of gravity.. not a collision! The particles (waves) will smash open and run away .. not come back together.. they never have in any experiment.. there's too much energy enough so they can break apart and escape!!! so we might have enough now to see the higgs boson/ graviton

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