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122_0801_01_zfuture_ridesbrammo_ene Brammo is in business for one simple reason - to drive change in the New Energy Economy. Their technically-advanced Enertia plug-in electric motorcycle – a GPS-equipped, web-enabled electric bike that gets 35-45 miles per charge– is the lightweight, sculpted and geometric embodiment of this change.

A $10 million first round of funding, has been reported by VentureBeat, led by Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, Best Buy Venture Capital and others. The Ashland, Ore.-based developer of the Enertia, , says that the proceeds will be enough to allow it to go into production and deliver its first full product line.

The Enertia can reach a top speed of over 50 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 40 mph in under 6 seconds. It has a recharge time of roughly 3 hours, weighs 280 pounds and uses valence lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The first set of bikes will cost around $15,000 each when they become available later this year, with subsequent iterations to be priced at a slightly more affordable $12,000.

The Enertia is not a futuristic pipe-dream. Its technology is grounded in engineering reality and its sustainable riding experience is ready for right now.

Brammo website says they are "determined to drive change on each highway, street, avenue and country lane in the world; and we’ll remain on this road to environmental excellence until everyone on the planet realizes how beautiful, powerful and efficient electric vehicles really are."

Posted by Casey Kazan.


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