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Space_solar_laser The latest and greatest way to generate energy is to launch plates made of chromium and neodymium into orbit, which then convert 42% of solar light into lasers, which then shoots down onto a facility that converts it into clean, usable power. Of course, something this high tech and futuristic sounding would be brought to us by the Japanese.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Osaka University are working together to develop the device, which converts sunlight into laser-light with four times the efficiency of any previous attempt. According to a report out of Tokyo, the team is working on Space-based solar power systems, which can collect sunlight in space and then convert it into laser light, which is then transmitted to Earth and used for electricity.

The project will work by storing sunlight-based energy in plates made from a sintered powder of metals, such as chromium and neodymium. When weak laser light is shined onto the plate, the stored energy is transferred to the laser where its strength is amplified by a factor of four. In one test, a 0.5-watt laser was amplified to 180-watts by the plates. Scientists have thus far been able to garner 40-percent of the solar energy produced, and they hope to have a system ready for satellite mounting by 2030.

The project has another clear advantage over terrestrial solar projects in that it will not be subject to cloudy conditions or nighttime darkness. The device will be able to collect solar power 24 hours a day. By improving the solar-to-laser efficiency and having solar collectors from 100 to 200 meters long, they'll be able to match a 1-gigawatt nuclear power plant. At the very least, they’ll have created a giant death-ray useful for enslaving the rest of the world. If you go to JAXA’s home page there’s currently a friendly headline “Using Satellites to Save Lives”, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a ploy to divert us from their death-ray project.  Either way, should be pretty darn cool!

Posted by Rebecca Sato

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I've heard of similar power transport via microwaves but not laser. And yes, the solar panels in space would collect energy 24/7 but wouldn't the laser be affected by our cloud cover/atmosphere moreso than microwave power transmission? And is it any safer really?

It would be a visible laser? It could be financed even by a city.

No, the Japanese won't break our treaty... would they?

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'Enviromental Threats of the Future-Nano...'

Solar energy is the best alternative to reduce scarcity problem of resources.

Wow! that some pretty impressive tech coming from the land of the rising sun.

Hope this solar energy tech can help solve the fossil fuel crisis we are likely to experience in the future.

Btw check this site out it contains a lot of things partaining to solar energy


Wow ! very interesting story . thanks for share. Really,The solar collector is usually mounted on the roof and is connected to a circuit containing water and propylene glycol anti-freeze, if necessary. The heated liquid flows around the circuit, either by a pump to warm the main hot water tank, or by a thermo-siphoning action to warm the solar water storage tank that feeds the hot water tank.

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