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NASA's "Green" Personal-Air Vehicle 400-mile Race!

Pav NASA is holding another Centennial Challenge, this time $300,000 is up for competitors who demonstrate aircraft that are safer, less expensive and easier to operate, while having fewer negative effects on the environment and communities surrounding airports.

The focus of this challenge is on what NASA calls Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs) which are small, relatively inexpensive aircraft that can be used for personal travel -basically a "green" car in the sky. NASA aeronautics developed the PAV concept with the idea of transporting people to within just a few miles of their doorstep destination at trip speeds three to four times faster than airlines or cars. NASA predicts that up to 45% of all miles traveled in the future may be in PAVs, which will relieve congestion at metropolitan hub airports and the freeways that surround them, reduce the need to build new highways and save much of the 6.8 billion gallons of fuel wasted in surface gridlock each year, NASA said.

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Is 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Enough for the Human Body? Research Says "No"

Mountain_climbing_2 The common wisdom for weight loss and keeping healthy has been that 30 minutes of moderately intensive exercise a day is enough to help you begin to lose weight, coupled with a healthy diet. However according to new research led by John Jakicic at the Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh, conventional wisdom may not have been entirely accurate.

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Bees Used for Geographic Profiling to Track Criminals

Bee_flight_2 For what is probably the first time in history, biologists and criminologists are teaming up to test geographic profiling outside of a search for a criminal. The involvement of the criminologists is not hard to explain, but why the biologists? Because the tests are being carried out on bumblebees.

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You Name the Cosmos!

P0415aa Many of the recent discoveries by the Hubble Space Telescope have been "named" with numbers. Gone are the poetic, mythic names like Milky Way or Andromeda or Pegasus.

Let's have some fun and help NASA out and create names for these awesome celestial objects.

We'll select your best submissions and send them off to NASA headquarters.

What's your name for: Ring Galaxy AM0644-741, likely produced after a collision between two or more galaxies with a relatively narrow range of encounter velocities, relative masses, and impact parameters.

Russian Expedition Explores Abyss of World's Largest & Deepest Lake, 25-million-Years Old

Lake_baikal Russian scientists will attempt this week to reach the bottom of Lake Baikal, the world's largest lake and deepest freshwater abyss in a bid to find unknown life forms as well as claim a new record.

"We want to study, observe Lake Baikal" in order to "preserve it," said expedition leader and famous Russian Arctic explorer, Artur Chilingarov, a pro-Kremlin member of parliament who led a team of scientists that planted a Russian flag at the bottom of the North Pole in August last year in the first-ever Arctic dive of the Mir mini-submarine.

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The 11th Dimension -Could a Warp Drive Engine Travel Faster Than Light?

Warp_drive_2 It is possible to travel faster than light; the catch is that you just wouldn't travel faster than light and the total mass/energy contained in the planet Jupiter would be needed to propel a starship the size of the Enterprise to beyond the speed of light. That's a lot of dilithium crystals!

Two Baylor University physicists believe that if the 11th dimension could be shrunk behind a spaceship it would create a bubble of dark energy, the same dark energy that is causing the universe to speed up as time goes on. Expanding the 11th dimension in front of the ship would eventually cause it to decrease, although two separate steps are required. One slight problem though is exactly how the 11th dimension would be expanded and shrunk is still unknown.

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