Superturbines: The Ultimate Win-Wind Renewable Energy Solution
Biomimicry -A Key to the Planet's Energy Future?


Button of ape

... always trust your cape ...

That's it! I'm Off!
The Bloody toilet is cleaner than that place.

Homer: "Hey, I think I saw the ANY key.....D'oh ...It's EXITED!"

this isn't funny you guys, where is everyone!

Self fulfilled prophecy

The keyboard lost Ctrl prior to the Esc.

Deep down inside, Fred always knew he had a greater purpose in life.

My favorite key.......abandoned me!

My favorite key.......abandoned me!

My favorite key.......abandoned me!


- Ah!, ... so that's how is done!. Wonder if Shift would like to join me. Better tell Enter too, and Home -.

(F12 looks supciously around and cannot believe it took them sooo long)

"I quit!"

after years of suggestion, the ESC key finally took it's own advice...

Free at last, free at last. Thank Man The Thinker, I'm free at last!!

I don't think it needs a caption. Kind of like The Far Side, the picture is enough...

i agree with marty

The Namesake

....Thank you, Fawn!


...then he says, "What'd you expect? You knew I was a snake when you picked me up".

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