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Madrid's 'Air Tree' Will “Climatically Transform” Urban Architecture

Airtreemain_1 The city of Madrid soon plans to add a striking new structure -Air Tree pavilion- that will “climatically transform” its urban architecture.  It also produces oxygen like a tree, hence the name. The Air Tree pavilion is to be built from recycled materials and will be 100% energy self-sufficient. Using photovoltaic cells, the Air Tree produces a substantial amount of energy, which is then sold back to the local electric companies, and, of course oxygen - hence the name Air Tree. It's a completely unique idea and one that, unlike most out-of-the-box ideas, is actually being made a reality.

The surrounding environment near the air tree will be naturally conditioned, reducing the heat island effect found in most city centers. The air trees will be implemented city wide in the coming years.

The structure is made from lightweight recycled materials. Dozens of air trees can be installed in cities around major metropolitan areas during summers. The trees will cool the surrounding environments and as a bonus generate clean electricity.

Posted by Jason McManus.

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