Ancient Egyptian Army Headquarters Located
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May 29, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Army Headquarters Located

Soldier5_2 Archaeology is often a hidden passion of many, and though the old adage – we learn from history so that we don’t make the same mistakes again – might be overused, it is nonetheless true. However not all historical and archaeological finds are bent solely on helping us understand ourselves; some are just fascinating.

Like the latest discovery by Egyptian archaeologists, working northeast of a town called Qantara, in the northeast part of modern-day Egypt.

The archaeologists, who have been working in the area since 1986, have announced that they have discovered what they believe to be the ancient headquarters of the Pharaonic army that guarded the northeastern borders of Egypt for more than 1,500 years.

Part and parcel of the discovery consisted of the fortress itself, and its adjoining town, which they believe to be called Tharu. The fortress was made from mud-brick, and measured some 500 meters by 250 meters, with four meter high towers. The town lay at the start of a military road that joined the Nile Valley to the Levant, parts of which were under Egyptian control for much of that period.

Under the supervision of Abdel Maksoud, the team of archaeologists had been working on forts along the road for the better part of two decades. However it was the discovery of inscriptions referencing three Pharaohs – Tuthmosis II, Seti I and Ramses II – found earlier this year that put the discovery beyond doubt.

"Initial studies at the site prove that this fort was the headquarters of the Egyptian army from the time of the New Kingdom until the Ptolemaic period," said a statement from the government's Supreme Council for Antiquities. "The archaeological features of this fort confirm the inscriptions on ancient Egyptian temples showing the shape of the city of Tharu, which lay at the start of the Horus military road.”

Posted by Josh Hill.

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