Did an Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Exist?

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April 17, 2008

Did an Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Exist?

Babel Over the last several years, similar petroglyphs have been identified on as many as five continents. They all date from roughly the same time-period. In the late 20th century, archaeologists discovered a collection of symbols carved in stone as petroglyphs in the Negev desert of Israel that appeared to be writing. Dating of these symbols showed that they were made over an extended period time, beginning around 1700 BC.

Ancient_petroglyphsThis strange collection of symbols was first examined by Dr. James Harris, a petroglyph expert and archaeologist from Brigham Young University. He identified the alphabet as being a proto-Canaanite system, which successfully translated by using old-Hebrew or Thalmudic phonetic sounds.

Earlier, William McGlone, an amateur archaeologist and retired space engineer, discovered the same collection of symbols carved in heavily patinated stones surrounding the Southeast town of La Junta, Colorado. Dating of the patina corresponded to the same era as the writing found in Harkarkom in Israel.

The petroglyphs in Colorado were photographed and posted on the Internet. Within a few years, images of similar petroglyphs were sent to the site where the images were hosted, Viewzone, by archaeologists and historians from many different global locations. This included a huge collection of writing from the Republic of Yemen at the site of the palace of the Queen of Sheba.

Strangely, both the writing in Colorado and Yemen spoke of a similar event, possibly related to the Sun, which was prophesied to change human civilization. Subsequent translations of sites in Oklahoma, Australia and South America have added more details about this future event.

The majority of the petroglyphs have already been verified to be of ancient origin, which makes it quite puzzling to experts. How did they all have the same language and tell the same story on opposite ends of a globe? Perhaps our ancient ancestors traveled more than previously thought possible.

Research is currently being conducted to further validate the authenticity and common features of the writing.

Posted by Rebecca Sato.

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So, they were smart enough to make observations of astronomical events, it just didn't occur to them to create a stylized form of writing and maybe write on something like paper, or cut out slabs to carve neat little characters in.

Highly unsophisticated sophistication if you ask me [which you didn't, don't bother pointing that out]

I wonder if anyone has thought about comparing the symbols to shapes u can make with ur hands and fingers.. It is something we all have in common after all.

Oh wow, where to start - the evidence for all this is highly suspect..

Mmm... Just have a look at Viewzone, and tell me if you believe this story afterwards.

By the standards of modern journalism, this is about as careful and general and bland as one can get when talking about the work of many academic specialists. But most of the posters here seem to see some vast conspiratorial plot in this article--as if everyone knows such things must be impossible. Geez, talk about anti-Science. Open your minds, people--how are your beliefs any different than those who "know" some Sky-God created the Earth and all its people in seven days?

What bothers me is why didn't they include what the text actually says in this article? Don't you think it might have some information people in this day and age could use if it relates to our own sun?

Word what does the story say exactly? If it's supposed to be a prophecy wouldn't you think people would be interested in what it says?

Hmm, didn't I already write this novel?

The Palace of Queen of Sheeba? I was not aware that she was a verified historical personage, let alone had a palace we could visit.

The petraglyphs "speak of the same event"? And how, prey tell, do we arrive at such a conclusion without there being a definitive translation? "Something to do with the sun." How cleverly vague of our ancesters. So is this a hoax or an ANCIENT hoax? You decide.

this is not a new hypothesis...read The Language of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas to see a highly detailed and academically researched collection of imagery that shows very clearly the symbols ancient people used to denote the Goddess. Until this and other books researching this issue were popularly available and understood this imagery was largerly ignored
by our amnesiac male dominated sky god culture.

Would need more details, evidences, references. Maybe it was due to be postrd on april first?

Hmm.... Dr. James Harris - Brigham Young University - Proto - Canaanite language..... That sounds like a carefully crafted theory to support the LDS / Mormons' stand that the Native Americans were a lost Tribe of Israel, also the idea that Jesus came to the Americas shortly after His resurrection.

One one hand, it's possible that all humans did speak a single language at one time when the race was still young & there weren't many people & the lifespan was supposedly longer. But Hebrews in the New World ? I think that's STRETCHING THINGS somewhat.

This might fall into a " grey " area between pseudo - science & science, but I, for one, am not willing to totally dismiss it just yet.

However, if this site carries articles citing " PROOF " that the Earth is 6,000 years old & dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark ( Google " Noah ", " Atrahasis / Utnapishtim " as well as Chinese flood legends, FYI ), then I'll lose a lot of respect for it.

@john April 17, 2008 at 03:54 AM

Who says they didn't have write on paper that has rotted away long ago. As for the rough stones carved on, maybe they liked the way that looked. The point is, there is a heck of alot more that we DON'T know about ancient civilizations, then we do know. We can only guess from what we dig up.

The photo is not genuine.
Is it meant to be, or just a random illustration for the article? I'm referring to the photo above the section starting, "This strange collection of symbols..."
I work in digital design and manipulation, but this photo is blatantly false. If you simply click on it and casually observe the "petroglyphs", in the middle-right and upper left you can see where the "petroglyphs" cross over cracks in the stone without breaking. Also, observe the clean nature of the petroglyphs themselves: they have obviously been "photoshopped" over the picture of the stone.
- Todd Fluhr

It is simple to read: we could not wait here with the camels because of the snakes and holes We swam across the river that was deep and took everything I listed I will be on the highest hill looking for you to cross over and join us Jerul
PS I left four big stones where we crossed. It was written in proto-Canaanite. Didn't everyone learn to read proto-canaanite in elementary school? The herder probably used a lead paint so this area is now a haz-met zone and needs to be cleaned up by the EPA.
Lost in Time

I too, am a Photoshop whiz, and yes, it has been PS'd...but it looks like they we're simply highlighting the symbols so you could make them out easier.

Science is the "HOW"
God is the "WHY"

if you cant see that, your head is buried in sand..I don't care what religion you believe if any..you can shake a jar of rice from now till eternity, and you'll never get all the grains to point in the same direction all at once..and you're expecting me to believe and infinite jar filled with infinitely more "grains" did just that...right...ok.

This ancient knowledge regarding the Sun and our evolution is correct, there is a book called the Kingdom of God that weaves this mystery of Solar light together and how it will effect our world in the coming years. The book can be found at www.christcometh.com

Even if only "enhanced", a doctored photo is useless and misleading as any kind of real evidence if the original isn't included for comparison. You can clearly see many of the lines are too clean and bright, and cross over cracks. Without an original, or a label indicating the "enhanced" nature, it's worse than misleading to use this photo to support real research. It smacks of "chariots of the gods" and the "mars face" fiasco. Sloppy research and presentation have contaminated what otherwise is a fascinating subject with genuine enigmas.

This pic at the link basicly tells the same story. It can be found in Sedona AZ, at V Bar rock art at the south end of hyway 179.

If we could only have a central web site location to look and review all the pics of these petro's from different locations. This would at least allow more eyes and minds to make more and possibly better assumptions about these.

Part of me is tempted to believe this, taking into account what is accepted about the age of the Earth, longevity of humans back then ( People lived longer because there were fewer of them ), the population, other factors.....

But another part of me is aware that photographs of ancient petroglyphs can be photoshopped, as with any other photos.

I am a little baffeled by the responses here. In other words if the theory is attractive, it must be true, even if the only evidence is a photo-shopped picture? How many of the same people fell for the archeology shoot of the giant dig? http://scienceblogs.com/afarensis/071214-giant-skeleton_big.jpg
What is worse about the story here is, there is no explanation about how a translation was made, and what it "really" says, and folks are still lined up to buy tickets. Oh my gosh, circles, ellipses and spirals....that must be a global language!

The translation is something that needs to be explained before taken at face value.

I see the story, "we put the -livestock- into the cave until the lightning/rain storm passed three days later. we spent four and one half days here and we used the time to spin up some yarn." The rest gets jumbled for me to read but could be the simple details of the following days activities. The E symbols could be the direction they sought out food or where some funny people were last seen. Translation method details please.

The second link at the end of the piece has many samples from across the globe with just the click of your mouse.

wow i read many of your comments and some a re pretty good. but many , I can tell have no knoledge or have taken the time to study human history from their respective cultural view. When you finaly decide not to fallow the so called views set up by bias ethno centric academic clergy. and realy think for your selves . you will find that the respective histories told tell the same story.from a sertain point of view.Now I do agree that there is a major something laking in this article. to bring you to a solid conclusion. and no the author dide not say that there were hebrews in america.(you let your mind read what is not said!)I have seen proto caananite writing and you also have you just dont know how to recognize it yet.in fact some of our phonetic symbols are derived from this early writting. but the most important part of this is that. we are more culturaly related than any one wants to admit. just because we dont speak the same language does not mean we cannot comunicate.Back in the day, indns who did not know the others language would comunicate in sighn language.A solid intertribal language! what could be stonger and longer lasting than that symbols in stone. we as a culture have been lost to our past for so long that we religate our own histories as myths.what are you so afraid of? that some of these things might be right?that we scoff at things like this before they are fully investigated.Lets wait and see and if it is lie. well all have a good laugh while we burn them at the stake.

Okay... here goes.

There is a book and a web site (http://www.civilizationone.com/) called Civilization One that proposes one unique and sophisticated society that predates Sumer and the rest and it was upon this society's weights, measures, mathematics and social structure that all subsequent ones are based. So, common language, no problem... as long as you have no problem with speculation in the extremely dim if not so distant past.
Basically no irrefutable proof exists for either, but Civilization One is a theory that has some fascinating insights that elevate it above the average Von Danekin... even if it is supported by Colin Wilson (no disrespect). Ahem.
Personally I like the ideas.


Perhaps many lies have been told and humans on earth should learn about Qumran and something called the Book of Enoch.

-Jacob (atruthsearcher@aol.com)

Its Ironic that the first picture at the top of the Article is that of the Tower of Babel.

As for speaking a singular language in ancient days:

Gen 11:6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

Now, for the secularists and athiests who desire to dispute the bible for personal bias, I would denote that the historical record shows that the knowledge encompassed in the Hebrew Torah is at least 4000 years old, and verified in written form going back to 200BC.

Archeologists go WILD over the SINGULAR reference by Plato to Atlantis, but to this point, no great 'city' has been found.

Yet, there is proof that the Tower of Babel probably existed, and has been found.


And with pyramids being found in South America as well as Egypt... the Mayan Calender AND the Chinese I-Ching both pointing to events taking shape in and around 2012.

Why those evidential pieces of fact are cast aside quickly simply shows the SAME bias that ignorant scientists use in discounting intelligent design... not because of the science, but because of personal bias... which is NOT the Scientific Method.

This isn't as far fetched as many think.. the conventional assumptions that have dominated our historical perspective of our species is slowly changing due in large part for new insights via the integration of differing fields of study in a more holistic comprehensive perspective.. So we have come to find that neo-lithic man was more advanced than we thought 20yrs ago... we have also found through this multi-disciplinary approach to human/natural history that our species societal tendencies were far more intricate and advanced that we thought 20yrs ago... I'm not talking about ancient batteries that the Egyptians may have used, although interesting in it's own right, but more so just the every day social proclivities that we contemporary humans display in our every day lives... self organization was highly evident in neolithic times as well and it is this complex level of social order which has, traditionally speaking, lead to more complex forms of communication both written and verbal...

I'm just happy that contributors to this Comments area haven't put forth the idea that the " language " is extra - terrestrial in origin, possibly the language of the Nephilim or something similar.
The inscription DOES look like it's been enhanced or highlighted, if not photoshopped outright, casting doubt on its authenticity.

Just As I thought the MORMONS, LDS are still trying to steal my writings and ideas to write the BOOK of MORON I had the funny feeling that joseph smith was up to no good when he stole my book and notes back in 1820 and said that he wrote it..Never trust a Mormon professor from BYU as he is out to prove the book of Moron is truth..Should have known better than to let Joe Smith read a copy of my book

The BYU connection does kind of make this finding suspect to me at least. Maybe Dr. Harris is using his academic credentials to further the idea of an " unknown tribe " that poulated the Pre - Columbian " New World " to support the LDS world view.

I would have been more convinced if the Colorado inscriptions resembled Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters than some written form of Paleo - Hebrew. Evidence supports colonization by waves of Asiatic migrants who settled the Americas.

i think i just shit my pants

first picture looks like the tower card in the rider-waite and other tarot decks, i thought that was interesting. i didn`t hear the program, but when i saw the picture thats the first thing that came to mind. tarot cards are filled with symbolisms, and were used long ago to deliver messages .

The Bible speaks of one language during the time of the construction of the Tower of Babel in Mesopotamia. the earliest known writings from the Sumerian's, described as the black headed people, also speak of this event. They also tell of how they spread to inhabit the entire globe. The earliest known civilization in S. America is the Olmec. They explored
and settled North and South America. They're history traces back to Africa and to the Sumerian's. They also speak of the Annanaki, described in the Bible as the Nephelim, who taught them. These are the same people who built the Pyramids in Africa, S. America and other monuments around the world. Unfortunately, science is afraid to reveal the truth from fear of the church.

Great work ;)

Really clear story, I really can’t get enough of stories like these.
9 out of 10 times, old texts like these make more sense than the newer ones, aka Bible, Koran, Kabbala..

Now we just have 2 be patient and wait about 15 years, before we can read these "facts" in our daily news paper......

I don't know why I keep reading all this bullshit about Mormons. Even though I am not one, I have friends that are. I have never heard for a big push to discover a one-world-language that will magically justify the truth of their religion. That's complete nonsense. The Torah, the Bible and the Quran all tell stories about the Tower of Babel, and every one on Earth speaking the same language. Just because ONE scientist out of SEVERAL is from BYU does not make this a farse. Never mind BYU has the top undergraduate language program in the country and never mind BYU has more languages spoken on its campus than ANY other university in the WORLD. I think all you whiney people should go back and worship Satan instead of attacking everyone's religion. This is an article about languages. Either believe it, or don't. You all sound like the conspiracy theorists who don't believe we've been to the moon yet, or that Elvis is still alive. Get a life you fags.

I am the author of the original article on viewzone.com and, yes, the characters were enhanced with white to make them visible. Petroglyphs are the same color as the rock - black - and were originally traced with aluminum powder and photographed with multiple side-lighting techniques. The enhanced photo is for your (the reader) convenience. A translator is on-line at www.viewzone.com/negev/z.html so anyone can validate the work. Oh ye of little faith!

I am the author of the original article on viewzone.com and, yes, the characters were enhanced with white to make them visible. Petroglyphs are the same color as the rock - black - and were originally traced with aluminum powder and photographed with multiple side-lighting techniques. The enhanced photo is for your (the reader) convenience. A translator is on-line at www.viewzone.com/negev/z.html so anyone can validate the work. Oh ye of little faith!

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