Space Roaches Develop into Super Mutants
"Bad Astronomy" vs. Bad Astronomy

Map of the Universe (Within 1 Billion Years)


Galaxies and clusters of galaxies collect into vast clusters and sheets and walls of galaxies interspersed with large voids in which very few galaxies seem to exist. The map above shows many of these superclusters including the Virgo supercluster - the fairly minor supercluster of which our galaxy is a very minor member.

The entire map is approximately 7 percent of the diameter of the entire visible Universe. Individual galaxies are far too small to appear on this map, each point represents a group of galaxies.

Posted by Casey Kazan.



It looks magnificent!

Space sure is place that needs to be explored more.

The sad but comforting things is (i've seen the bigger 14 billion light years map) that when we do all eventually sickness,health by accident,famine,war,cancer or heart attack we may be able to finally find truth beyond our existence or perhaps never; 1 thing is for certain whilst this life is a miracle;taking all religions denominations out of account; it does somewhat pale compare to the "existence" that lies beyond our life here on earth

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