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Google’s Android -The Premiere

Openhandsetalliance It wasn’t all that long ago – look back to November 5, 2007 – that Google finally unveiled what it hopes will be its iPhone killer; and it looks like they have a winner. At least, that is my definition of a winner; a powerful and financially safe company backing a top product and surrounded by many powerful partners.

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Scientists Discover What's Destroying Fragile Coral Reefs: Tourists' Sunscreen

Coralreefsdeclineworldwide300x447_2 A new study has identified an elusive culprit behind the lethal bleaching of coral reefs worldwide. The popular sunscreens that tourists slather on before a dip in the ocean contains chemicals that quickly kill off fragile reefs.

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Rare Snowstorm Hits the Holy Land

Snowstorm_its_holy_land_2 A heavy overnight snowstorm blanketed Jerusalem and other parts of the Holy Land in white on Wednesday, closing schools and stores and grounding public transportation.  Snow falls in Jerusalem once or twice each winter, but temperatures rarely drop low enough for it to stick. The Israeli weather service said up to 8 inches of snow fell in the city.The weather in Jerusalem topped local newscasts, eclipsing a government report on Israel's 2006 war in Lebanon.

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Satellite Tracks Sea Turtle's Record 12,774-Mile Migration

Leatherback_sea_turtle_2 A leatherback turtle, the largest of all living turtles, was tracked by satellite traveling 12,774 miles (20,558 kilometers) from Indonesia to Oregon, one of the longest recorded migrations of any vertebrate animal, scientists announced in a new report on sea turtle conservation. Leatherbacks have been sighted off the coasts of Argentina, Tasmania, Alaska and Nova Scotia.

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Mutant Marine Life: Killer Seaweed

Killer_seaweed Since the first nuclear power plant we've always known that some damn mutant thing was going to come along and mess us up.  The recent surge in genetic engineering only widens the selection of horribly disfigured monstro-creatures that could come at us.  There have been hundreds of movies warning us of new forms of life, and the interesting ways they'll want to kill us, but not even the lowest-budget of B-movies imagined the real threat - Seaweed!

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Have You Been Photonapped?

Eos50eviewinfocellphone In a day and age where the internet has provided ease of access to everything, the big topic on everyone’s lips is that of ownership. Who owns what you write, what you take a photo of, what you listen too, what you watch?

The prominent battle field that this is being fought on is that of the music and movie industry. The big studios are scared to the bones of any piece of media being let go without some sort of restriction. Some of these restrictions are simple methods to track who originally bought the track. But in most cases they are an attempt to limit how many times you can play, where you can play, what you can play it on, and how long you can play it for.

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The Asteroid Risk Recalculated

Asteroids_manual_2 When a large asteroid comes to almost an Earth moon's distance to hitting Earth and another comes within 16,000 miles of smacking into all in the same week—you know asteroids present a real risk. But according to the latest research, we’re still in the early stages of understanding the risks that asteroids poise.

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Right Brain Smarts: Creative People’s Brains Function Differently

Leftrightbrain A new study has ended the controversy (or perhaps just stirred up more) by demonstrating that creative people do think in a fundamentally different way than everyone else. The study showed that non-creative types versus creative types do indeed exhibit quite different patterns of brain activity while going about solving problems, and even just while daydreaming.

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