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The_world_3_2Once in a while, you come across so completely bizarre and fantastic, that it just blows your mind. And though I’m sitting here listening to Tay Zonday’s deep voice, that isn’t what’s blowing my mind. What is is the fact that someone is building a miniature version of our planet off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

‘The World’ is a series of artificial island projects that are being designed, and is being built primarily from dredged sand. An oval breakwater surrounds the islands, which are laid out to look like a flat map of the planet.

This is, of course, a commercial venture, providing the wealthy the opportunity to own their small part of the world… sorry.

In the end, anyone who owns an island will be able to shape it accordingly. And though limited by the restrictions of ‘The World’, with plots including water areas, sand can be moved around to suit the owner’s whims.

So far plots of land (or sand) are being sold for between $15 and $45 million. Names such as Richard Branson, Vijay Singh, and Michael Schumacher have been linked to the project, along with Rod Stewart, David Beckham and Tommy Lee (a present for Pam).

The idea is the brainchild of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and being put in to effect by Nakheel Properties. The ‘Ireland’ island will apparently be transformed in to a massive Irish themed venue, and the 14 islands that make up Australia and New Zealand have been picked up by Investment Dar, to be turned in to a resort named OQYANA.

Other such projects in the vicinity include the Palm Islands which, as the name suggests, are laid out in the shape of giant palm trees. Using the same dredged sand construction, the Palm Islands are being constructed for commercial and residential infrastructure to be later installed upon them.

The entire process is expected to be finished by the end of 2007, and owners will be able to start imprinting their own impressions upon their new islands as early as next year.

Words alone cannot describe just how beautiful these islands look, and just what it is they are proposing. 14 islands alone make up Australia and New Zealand, so picture the total 300 islands all spread out, as if the last oasis on earth was finally found. Or, just head over to the official site, link below.

Posted by Josh Hill.




Hey - just wanted to let you know that OQYANA is 20 islands, and yes it's an incredible project.

This is mind-blowingly tacky and insanely artificial like everything else about Dubai, which is nothing more than a shopping mall/resort devoid of any charm or culture

This is mind-blowingly tacky and insanely artificial like everything else about Dubai, which is nothing more than a shopping mall/resort devoid of any charm or culture

Ocean levels are expected to rise with global warming (or climate change or whatever term). Perhaps that will wipe out all this effort?

Nice place to live, unless the US goes to war with Iran. Than you can expect a lot radioactive munitions crap flowing downstream. Also, the whole fantasy is predicated on the petrol economy. How ironic that rising sea levels will wipe out the investment. Talk about a clueless venture!

Really guys. To post an article singing the praises of something as kitsch and environmentally unfriendly as the island developments of the Dubai coast on this site is almost unforgivable.
I love the daily galaxy and it is my first stop after logging in every morning. Lets have some quality control, please?

thank you for the great text.

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