Twitter: The Ultimate Buzz Tracker
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September 28, 2007

Twitter: The Ultimate Buzz Tracker

Twitter Twitter; it has become the new way for people to micro blog their lives to the world. At first, it received a lot of criticism for the actions of a few that felt that they needed to update everyone on the fact on the minute by minute trajectory of their daily lives. But without a doubt, Twitter is becoming the new ‘hot toy’ across the tech community.

Twitter is slowly becoming, as Steve O’Hear from ZDNet describes, the new buzz tracker for Silicon Valley. But more than that, it is really becoming – as the adoption moves from just the tech savvy to the average person – a tool to update the world on where you are and what you're up to.

But Twitter has become even more than just a useful messaging tool. Over the past year, many have been witness to industry spats, gossip and breaking news simply by turning in to the right Twitter feed. The live-blogging of events such as a Steve Jobs keynote speech have become that much easier with Twitter as well, with no need to hit refresh on your webpage every three seconds.

All of this Twitter speculation was spawned by the recent news that Twitter is about to release a new feature for its micro-blogging; real-time search!

But it’s more than just the ability to look for what someone is saying. You’ll be able to type in a keyword or keywords, and every time that any of those words are used in a Tweet, you’ll be notified.

In addition, a historical search is soon going to be implemented which, over time, will be able to be narrowed down by friends, geography, time and/or language. RSS and email returns will also be implemented in time, but not for a little while.

To be honest, right now, it is hard to imagine life without random messages popping up on my phone, informing me of someone’s current state of mind, what they recently had for dinner and whether they’re feeling good or not.

Micro-blogging; it may have endured a lot of criticism, but the important fact is that it has endured it, and is becoming the new medium by which not only the tech industry, but the entertainment industry is beginning to filter news.

Interested in signing up to Twitter? Head to, and sign up for an account. It is really just that easy, and make sure to add JoshSHill to your ‘Friends’ list, and I’ll befriend you right back!

Posted by Josh Hill.

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Very true because the things are "top of mind" with people so they're mentioning them. Some tweets go deep, others do not.

I have been periodically visiting and just posted the ranking along with descriptions of each site.

If you click my name above, you can see the post. The keyword alerts are going to be cool, but breaks tweets down by popular URL.

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