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Best of The Daily Galaxy: 9/21-28

Arctic_submarine_2Coming War for the Arctic?

Tree_fall_2 Annie Dillard on Time -A Galaxy Insight

Genetically-Modified Food -The Big Debate

Dcmultiverse_2 New Proof from Oxford: Parallel Universes Exist

Vernor_vinge_2jpg_insight Vernor Vinge on Human Evolution -A Galaxy Insight

Pangeaultima_scotese_2_4 Pangea Ultima: Will This be the Earth in 250 Million Years?

Comets Ice Age Extinction -Caused by Extraterrestrial Impact?

Skull Remains of Four Human-like Creatures Reveals New Insights

Vernor_vinge_future_2 SETI Radio: Extraterrestrial & Other Voices -How to Recognize a Message from E.T.

Blue_planet_by_andrew_c_stewart NASA-led Team Creates Models of Possible Earth-sized Planets in Milky Way

Asteroids European Space Agency's 'Don Quixote' Mission to Save the Planet from Space Rocks


Oa_milkyway_2 SciFi Friday: Could Advanced Technological Civilizations Exist at the Edge of the Milky Way?

Alyn_walsh_2_2 Migrating Birds "See" the Earth's magnetic Field, Scientists Report

Plasma4x5_2 Space Odyssey 2: Plasma-based Space Travel a Reality -A Galaxy Insight

Blue_planet_by_andrew_c_stewart_2 Minerals 250 Kilometers Down Key to Life on Earth & Other Planets

Asian_moon_race_2 3 Titans of Asia Face Off: Who Gets the Biggest Chunk of Moon?

Spaceship_earth_2 R. Buckminster Fuller on Spaceship Earth -A Galaxy Insight


Astronaut Richard Dawkins on the Origin of Life -A Galaxy Insight

Andromeda Strain 2: NASA's Microbes-in-SpaceTest

Hubble_space_telescope IMAX Returns to Space for Hubble’s Farewell Tour


I like the Ice Age Extinction story but I don't really mind if it was caused by extraterestrial impact or not

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