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Best of The Daily Galaxy: 9/21-28

Arctic_submarine_2Coming War for the Arctic?

Tree_fall_2 Annie Dillard on Time -A Galaxy Insight

Genetically-Modified Food -The Big Debate

Dcmultiverse_2 New Proof from Oxford: Parallel Universes Exist

Vernor_vinge_2jpg_insight Vernor Vinge on Human Evolution -A Galaxy Insight

Pangeaultima_scotese_2_4 Pangea Ultima: Will This be the Earth in 250 Million Years?

Comets Ice Age Extinction -Caused by Extraterrestrial Impact?

Skull Remains of Four Human-like Creatures Reveals New Insights

Vernor_vinge_future_2 SETI Radio: Extraterrestrial & Other Voices -How to Recognize a Message from E.T.

Blue_planet_by_andrew_c_stewart NASA-led Team Creates Models of Possible Earth-sized Planets in Milky Way

Asteroids European Space Agency's 'Don Quixote' Mission to Save the Planet from Space Rocks


Oa_milkyway_2 SciFi Friday: Could Advanced Technological Civilizations Exist at the Edge of the Milky Way?

Alyn_walsh_2_2 Migrating Birds "See" the Earth's magnetic Field, Scientists Report

Plasma4x5_2 Space Odyssey 2: Plasma-based Space Travel a Reality -A Galaxy Insight

Blue_planet_by_andrew_c_stewart_2 Minerals 250 Kilometers Down Key to Life on Earth & Other Planets

Asian_moon_race_2 3 Titans of Asia Face Off: Who Gets the Biggest Chunk of Moon?

Spaceship_earth_2 R. Buckminster Fuller on Spaceship Earth -A Galaxy Insight


Astronaut Richard Dawkins on the Origin of Life -A Galaxy Insight

Andromeda Strain 2: NASA's Microbes-in-SpaceTest

Hubble_space_telescope IMAX Returns to Space for Hubble’s Farewell Tour

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Rocket Fuel and Shampoo: The Amazing Anatomy of a Twinkie

Twinkie_2 America is famous across the globe as the country full of fat people. But how can the world judge us when they are not home to the temptingly rich & creamy Twinkie? Over 500 million of the highly popular snacks are sold each year, but what is it that makes them taste so darn good?

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10 Discoveries that Rewrote History

Hannibal3_2 Stanford's renowned classical scholar and archaeologist, Patrick Hunt has just published a brilliant book -Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History  (ranging from the mystery of how Hannibal crossed th Alps in 218 BCE with an army accompanied by 25,000 men and 37 elephants to the Dead Sea Scrolls to Machu Picchu).

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Twitter: The Ultimate Buzz Tracker

Twitter Twitter; it has become the new way for people to micro blog their lives to the world. At first, it received a lot of criticism for the actions of a few that felt that they needed to update everyone on the fact on the minute by minute trajectory of their daily lives. But without a doubt, Twitter is becoming the new ‘hot toy’ across the tech community.

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NGC 4261: Daily Galaxy from NASA's Great Fleet of Observatories

Galaxy_5The Giant Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4261 is one of the twelve brightest galaxies in the Virgo cluster, located 45 million light-years away. Photographed in visible light (white) the galaxy appears as a fuzzy disk of hundreds of billions of stars. The  giant disk of cold gas and dust fuels a possible black hole at the galaxy's core of the galaxy.

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European Astronomers Find “Cosmic Butterfly” and New Feature of the Stunning Ant Nebula

Ant_nebula_2 A team of European astronomers have found an aged star surrounded by a disc, which is a reservoir of trapped dust that surrounds an elderly star. This discovery provides exciting new clues about the shaping of the one of the most beautiful sights in the universe—the planetary nebulae.

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