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iPod Time?

Ipod It’s been one of those technological revolutions of the last decade or so that is going to go down in history as a massive shift in consumerism. But the iPod has not only provided us with entertainment wherever we are in a sleek and sexy case, but it’s also provided us with moments of rage when we realize that only 2 weeks after we bought our new iPod, Apple went and released a new one.

It’s Murphy’s Law of computing – the state of the art product you buy today will be someone’s seconds tomorrow. But there are ways that we can avoid this happening, sort of.

Over at Engadget – one of the webs biggest tech sites – they have been getting updates from retailers informing them that shipments of Apple’s iPod have been slowing, with fewer and fewer making their way to the shelves. On the backs of the release of Apple’s iPhone, this does lend weight to the theory that we’ll be seeing a new iPod in time for Christmas shopping this year.

Further reports recently have suggested such a thing, with news from the creator of the touch screens built for the iPhone suggesting that an increase in demand from Apple for the product could suggest a touch screen iPod.

The touch screen iPod is essentially a certainty, considering the unmitigated success of the iPhone.
So what is the underlying message from all of this speculation and rumor mongering? The answer is simple; don’t buy an iPod just yet.

And there are two reasons that should halt your impulse to buy, buy, buy. The first is that, obviously, it is entirely likely that a new iPod will soon be on the shelves. The second though is for those attempting to keep a tighter rein on their bank balances, for when a new iPod is released, the current one will drop in price.

So there you have it peoples, rumor and speculation bundled tightly together to provide you with a technologically friendly shopping tip. Enjoy!

Posted by Josh Hill.

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I always check with the Mac rumor buyers guide before buying ANY Apple product:

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