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Full Moon Link to Animal Behavior Revealed

Full_moon_1 According to the latest research, it's not werewolves running amok during full moons—it’s cats and dogs. The new study suggests that pets get into more mischief and are injured more often during certain phases of the lunar cycle, particularly when the moon is fullest.

The study, authored by Raegan Wells, DVM, and her colleagues at Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, revealed a link between an increase in emergency room visits for dogs and cats during days when the moon is at or near its fullest.

Wells said this is the first time the lunar cycle's relationship to emergency veterinary medicine has been studied. The study, titled "Canine and feline emergency room visits and the lunar cycle,” appears in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The data, compiled from case histories of 11,940 dogs and cats treated at the university's Veterinary Medical Center, indicates that the risk of emergencies on fuller moon days was 23 percent greater in cats and 28 percent greater in dogs when compared with other days. The types of emergencies ranged from cardiac arrest to epileptic seizures and trauma, and the increase was most pronounced during the moon's three fullest stages—waxing gibbous, full and waning gibbous.

"If you talk to any person, from kennel help, nurse, front-desk person to doctor, you frequently hear the comment on a busy night, 'Gee is it a full moon?'" said Wells. "There is the belief that things are busier on full-moon nights."

Of course, superstition alone does not make for good science, but this research indicates that long held belief may be based in fact. But despite the baffling results, Wells doesn't know what sort of connection is at play here.

Modern studies have associated the full Moon with insanity, traffic accidents, increased aggression, unintentional poisonings and absenteeism, and the female menstrual cycle, but many of the connections are thin and vary widely from study to study.

"While the results of our retrospective study indicate that there is an increased likelihood of emergency room visits on the days surrounding a full moon, it is difficult to interpret the clinical significance of these findings," Wells writes.

Historically there has been a widespread belief that a full moon can effect people and animals causing them to act strangely. In fact, the word ‘Lunatic’ came about due to the belief that the Moon can make one mad.

But just what is behind the pet emergency and full moon correlation, however, is not at all clear. One theory is that since there’s more light out, people and their pets may be more likely to be out getting into mischief. So, what does all this mean for pet owners?

"It serves as a good reminder to remain cognizant of your pet's environment and overall health status, and to avoid situations that would put them in harm's way," Wells said.

This advice includes keeping a closer eye on them near the full moon, when their likelihood of injury explicable peaks.

Posted by Rebecca Sato



Maybe this is related to the sun spot solar cycle? Maybe different magnitudes of "disturbance" (ala torsion field effect and electromagnetism) have something to do with it as well.


my cat has been acting weird and I looked at the sky and saw that it was a full moon so I looked this up And read that they could get hurt.
First he was at the door meowing so I let him out I thought it was a animal but there was no animal near.He is still at the door meowing five min. later And he bit me but he hasn't bit me in two years.

My dog was acting crazy last night...really hyperactive.

I checked today and it was a full moon last night, then I looked this up.

I will certainly keep an eye on him now around the time of a full moon as he has epilepsy and I dont want him to do anything that could trigger a fit.

God,I was walking my dog,and we sat 'cause i really really wanted to watch the moon(have some kind of addict) ,and my dog suddenly turned around to the moon(it's full moon)..His eyes started to sparkle,and the thing that freaked the sh*t out of me - he started to nod to the moon . After that he was looking at me strange..
I do not understand.That have never happened before.

Last night, our dog was acting like he was scared out of his wits. He is not a scaredy cat....he ran to the back door with a bang and began scratching like crazy! Then he was scratching on the bedroom door like something was after him. He never got settled and kept us up all night long...Last night was a full moon. I am convinced it affected his behavior as it was certainly not normal for him. Tonight...he gets benedryl!!

I have had three sleepless nights with our dog & it seems to happen every full moon. She just paces & pants, and will lie down but then the next instant she is up again. She is so restless and wants to climb up on the bed & bedside tables, on our heads and wanders up & down the bed. She looks so nervous & her eyes so wide. It's like she is not our dog, she takes on a different personality.

There is something to be said about out of the norm animal behaviour during a full moon. My dog is more jumpy than usual during a full moon episode. I've also noticed him panting more when he is at rest as well as not being as interested in food as much for a few days. He is behaving like something is going to happen that makes him feel uneasy. He also wants to be around me more, always staying close to me, not wanting to leave my side.

My dog was tripping she ket howling at the moon.

I have often wondered if the full moon has an effect on my cat. At night, when I'm trying to sleep of course, she will run around the home, knocking things off of tables and counters. It's almost as if she gets super energized or super ticked off. I'm not sure which one, but I am convinced it has to have something to do with the full moon.

We have a german shorthaired pointer. He acts really strange, stranger than he normally is, tonight he was real antsy like he was gong to miss out on something and he had plenty of exercise today. He wouldnt stop whining and getting into trouble. He jumped up on our leather couch which he is not supposed to do. He wouldnt lay still or sit still for anything. he is a strange dog to begin with, but when the full moon comes he is all piss and vinegar. And whats really weird the full moon isnt for another 2 days. Maybe he feels its coming...dun dun dun

my dogs have been acting up and keep barking at the window for no reason this not like our dogs

i think its the fullmoon but indi and memphos have been crazy

our dog kept us up all night barking out the window even after we put him on the bed even though we never let him do that to calm him down. yet he kept barking and wining all night as if he was scared of something. I went to the balcony with him and my gun several times and did not see anything. I left the patio lights on all night and had my anti vulgar cameras recording the entire night since we have had the occasional drunks leaving a club through beer at the patio even thought we all live in a very nice residential area near the Houston Galleria. The next morning, I headed to the patio to put him outside and found what looked like my neighbors pet (cat) literally in pieces. Now she is suing me for animal cruelty and had to take my dog to a vet to have it diagnosed. Thankfully, the cameras recorded that there was no evidence that my dog was outside at all at night. And they proved that the cat was attacked by a different dog and consumed through out the night by different scavengers. It has been a headache since then and I have installed several more cameras and motion lights on my patio since then. Every full moon our dog still acts odd but not like that night. Still the event has freak me out because they were unable to figure out what the species of the animal that attacked my neighbors cat that night and I think I now have some sore of full moon phobia where I just don't feel safe anymore so we have decided to move to another property.

best regards,

OMG, my cat is acting insane and after reading this post, I lifted the blinds to see if there was a full moon and there is!!! I'm totally convinced...Full Moon = Nutters

Last night i was walking my 2 year old springer spaniel around the lake and as soon as i let him off the lead and he went mental, ive never seen this behaviour in him! he wouldnt respond to commands and was frantically chasing geese and jumping in the lake and got trapped and i had to pull him out, as soon as i'd pulled him out again he jumped in again trying to get the geese. After he'd got out he started spinning anti clockwise frantically and hit a bench, so i put him back on the lead and went home. Then my brother told me that it was a full moon last night and that it can effect animals, reading all these comments has convinced me it was so weird!

Regards, Karl

We recently adopted a Great Pyrenees from the SPCA. At 100 lbs, she's a bit of a scardey cat to begin with but we are totally convinced (after reading all these posts) that the full moon DEFINITELY effects her personality. She comes in from a walk and always stops at the "cookie jar" every time without fail for her cookie. The past 2 days she RUNS to get back in the house and runs right past the jar!! She wears a calming collar as well as she has anxiety to begin with but the moon puts her over the edge!! I've NEVER had an animal affected this way. It's so sad to me that she gets so frightened. She will fly down the hall and jump into the tub behind the curtains to hide! 3 days of this behavior and she's back to herself! We're Full Moon Syndrome believers! We honestly thought for the first 2 months that she was having some kind of "reaction" to something; she was: The Moon!!

I have a Boxer that has seizures. We have to watch him during a full moon because they happen more often during a full moon...even if he hasn't had one lately...

people do act funny on the full moon and i know that for a fact because i was out riding in a car and there were like 28 accidents that i saw going from hearasinvill to my house. My dogs act funny to the like to stiar at the store when it is a full moon out, and i can't go to sleep very easy on the night of a full moon I'm keeped up until 2:00 p.m in the morning and i have to go to school at 6:00 a.m and people ask me did i get enef sleep last night because, I'm so tried turning the day.

My dog a beagle x cockerspaniel howls everytime there is a full moon. And only on the night the moon is full it amazes me how she can sense the deffinate night. I always have to look at exaclty what night it is as i find leading up to it the moon looks full and can never be sure the exact night, but she sure does. She will sit and howl at the full moon for at least a good ten minutes evey month without fail. very intouch with her inner warewolf intincts.

Mydog likes to pace more than normal on a full moon. whenever someone comes outside, she growls and barks. so i shot her.

My GSD is epileptic,I have pointed out the conection between his fits and full moon
on several occasions to vet ,falls on deaf ears .Tonight full moon dog has fit ,he can fit up to 4 days after a full moon,I have often wondered why a Wolf is depicted ,howling with full moon in background .
I am convinced there is a conection .his personality changes up to 3 days before ,he fits and is very clingy and likes to know I am in the home I give him a teaspoon of honey when he comes round as My son is also epileptic and he informs me a fit takes a lot from him and leaves him tired and sleepy for up to 3 days ,this also happens to my dog .My dog has been having fits sinse 2.5 yrs he is now 8 yrs ,and taking 8 tabs

This is so true! We saw one cat on holiday, just before the full moon and during it. The cat went to the top of a building and howled for hours, even once during the day. But as soon as the full moon was over, the cat stopped. Why? Anybody know?

My cat has been acting strangely over the last couple of days, being extremely restless, starring out the window at the dark night's sky and meowing at what seemed to be nothing to the naked eye! Then last night, it was 'Harvest Lunar Moon' (16th October 2016) which I knew nothing about until this morning from the newspapers. My cat must have got out last night which is unusual as she is normally in during the night. She was meowing loudly and banging on the window which woke me up immediately. It was just at that moment of the 'Harvest Lunar Eclipse!'. It was an amazing sight, I could see it went dark and then the full bright moon appeared. I would have missed this if it wasn't for my cat waking me up to experience the amazing sight! There is definitely something strange about this experience! Animals seem to know about these rare solar moments. We will never know why or what this means to other animal species but most definitely something more to it than we will ever understand!

Posted by: Helen / October 17th 2016

Full moon tonight..and today a giant white lab showed up and hung around our house all day and acted as if we were pals...very friendly, followed me around the yard all day,,and didnt want to leave.....i even looked it up on the indian " spirit guide "...and the explanation of " white dog appearing " really closely parralleled my current life situaion...really wierd,,,but cool and not at all scary at the same time... i hope he comes back tomorrow!

Called the number on the dogs collar and the owner just said " he will come back home when hes ready "///and didnt seem concerned....we have lived here 20 years and never seen this dog before....thoughts..?

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