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Celestron & The Daily Galaxy's Hand-picked Advertising Policy

Celestron_scout_2 We are delighted to announce that Celestron is The Daily Galaxy's first  major-brand advertiser. Our policy is to limit the site to a maximum of six hand-picked best-of-breed advertisers for six product and service categories, which will include general science, education, entertainment, space, astronomy, and personal technologies.

Celestron, based in Torrance, California is one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers and importers of high-quality computerized and non-computerized telescopes and related accessories, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes. 

Celestron's  telescopes have become the “telescope of choice” for the consumer worldwide as well as major colleges and universities, who use Celestron telescopes in their astronomy programs.  Celestron’s C5 telescope has been adopted by NASA for several space-shuttle research missions.

SkyScout, Celestron’s newest innovative product, is a first-to-market, handheld, portable celestial viewing device that can instantly identify and/or locate over 6,000 celestial objects, transforming the night sky into a personal planetarium. It has recently been named the “Best of Innovations” in the personal electronics category for the annual showcase of new products at the Consumer Electronics Show. Celestron distributors include Discovery Channel, The Natural World, Costco, LL Bean, EMS, and Amazon.com.

SkyScout Link


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