"Ashes & Snow" -Gregory Colbert's Emotional Photographic Response to Nature & Our Place in It
Hummm...Why does this Seem Familiar?

The Daily Galaxy Group -Now Live on Facebook (7/20)

Facebook_logo We're extremely excited to announce that The Daily Galaxy group on Facebook went live over the weekend! With over 25 million members, approximately  60% beyond their college and university years, Facebook has fast become the communications hub for the Web.

So, let's start having some fun! Join us on Facebook, and let your voice be heard: post your thoughts, photos, links to videos, favorite cartoons, ideas, passages of your favorite sci-fi novels, great quotes you'd like to share, your own news tips, book and film recommendations and reviews. Share your ideas and passions!

We see the Facebook Galaxy group as a social extension of our daily news focus on science, technology, and popular culture - including your voice, in addition to ours. Together, let's build an active worldwide network of Galaxy friends.

Join the Daily Galaxy Group on Facebook (if you're not yet a Facebook member, don't worry - it takes mere moments to register, and anyone can join)


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