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The Moment Has Arrived: You Can Now Buy a Flying Car!

Flyingcar_2 Forget keeping up with the Joneses…now you can keep up with the Jetsons. Not just cartoons, but every “futuristic” movie ever made seemed to employ some sort of flying car to titillate and amaze the audience, and it always worked too! What will futuristic movies rely on now that the stuff of fiction will soon be parked out in the garage?

The Moller M200G Volantor, produced by Moller International is shaped like a saucer and can be used for a wide range of recreation and practical purposes. Moller has already started work on the 67 orders received so far. Ground-based obstacles don’t bother the Volantor, so its creators say it can be used for extreme off roading, or as a ferry between a yacht and the land, among other uses. But eventually they'd like to see the vehicle used as the ultimate commuter vehicle. The company says it could also be used by the military or government, who they suggest could use the vehicle for skyscraper rescues and fire fighting.

To avoid the need to pass FAA regulations, the civilian version of the Volantor is restricted to heights of 10 feet (military or rescue versions could be modified to go much higher), but can travel as fast as 50mph and fly for up to 90minutes.

Dr. Moller points out that the vehicle is not like anything we’ve seen before. "It's not a hovercraft, although its operation is just as easy. You can speed over rocks, swampland, fences, or log infested waterways with ease because you're not limited by the surface. The electronics keep the craft stabilized at no more than 10 feet altitude, which places the craft within ground effect where extra lift is obtained from operating near the ground. This lets you glide over terrain at 50 mph that would stop most other vehicles."

Moller says the vehicle is so easy to operate that he does not foresee the requirement for significant training or licensing to operate the vehicle. The company is prepared to offer demonstration sessions in Davis, California once the vehicle is fully on the market.

Posted by Rebecca Sato

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I can't think of any better way to end a 50mph car crash than with a 10 foot drop. I propose adding a giant spring to the bottom, or better yet a thick coat of Flubber!

so, i take it loupe de loops with my flying car are out of the question?

in the future maybe something that could not possibly be possible

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