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Saul of the Molemen: Daily Comedy Classic

Saul_3_4If you like B grade Sci-Fi movies, Saul of the Molemen is a psychedelic trip come true. Horribly offensive in every way, Saul is an acquired taste, but diehard fans believe the show offers the best sight gag comedy ever offered. At the very least, it's nostalgic fun for those who like their comedy raw and wacky.

Parodying the 1970's classic Land of the Lost and other center of the Earth epics, the show is about the survivors of STRATA, a group of explorers headed towards the center of the Earth. After a horrible accident, only three survivors remain—a geologist, Saul Malone; Johny Tambourine, a British pop star; and Robot, a robot, who must now survive a variety of obstacles while living with the strange Mole Men.

Saul of Moleman Video

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Thats a real psychedelic trip:

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