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World's Oldest Known Color Photos -Dating from 1872

Color_photo_ww_11Checkout this fascinating collection of the earliest known color photography dating from 1872 with a landscape of Angouleme in Southern France before the Autochrome process was perfected. 130 years ago this view  was created by a "subtractive" method, the basis for all color photography, even today. It was taken by Louis Ducos du Hauron who proposed the method in 1869. It was not until the 1930's that this method was perfected for commercial use.

Other subjects in the collection include color phots from the Russian Empire before Lenin's arrival at the Finland Station and the advent of Communism; color photos of WW1 and WW 11 (image above of wartime Nazi Berlin).

Autochrome Lumière in 1907, when the first practical color photographic plates were introduced to the world by the Lumière brothers in France; color Photos from WWI and WW11 (Nazi Germany shown above).

Although color photography was around prior to 1903, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, patented the process in 1903 and developed the first color film in 1907. The French army was the primary source of color photos during the course of World War One

Color Photography Collection


I modified the oldest color photograph and made a website where you can see it -

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