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Best of The Daily Galaxy –June 22-29

Uss_enterprised_past_present_and__4The “Two-Commander” Brain

57_arctic_2_2  Antarctic Iceberg's "Web of Life"

Many_moons0_2_2  A Cosmic Eye: Liquid Observatory on the Moon

Viking_longship_3 "Sea Stallion" -Ancient Viking Warship Resurrected

Ufo_2 The Worldwide UFO Phenomena -“Religion or Science”?

Brain_technology_3 Brain Technology: We Can Now Move Objects with Our Minds

Colossus_forbin_project_2_2 Colossus: Great Science-Fiction Story Gets a Film Revival

George_lucas_in_love_2_2 Birth of Star Wars: George Lucas in Love

Twittercurve_2 A Look Inside Twitter, and the Addiction Many Have Come to Know

Conchords_2The Flight of the Conchords "The Humans are Dead"—Daily Comedy Classic

Time_travel_arctic_2Time Travel to a Mysterious Underwater World: Scientists Expect Bizarre Adaptations

Cassinigeneral_relativity1_2Einstein Right (Again): Earth Proven to Bend the Space-Time Fabric

Dolphinfresco_2 Cetacea: Mind-Bending Theories About the Planet's “Other” Intelligent Life

Two_planets_jpeg"On Two Planets" & "War of the Worlds" -The Origins of Modern Science Fiction

Dawn_spacecraft_2"Dawn Mission" -NASA's Journey to the Beginning of the Solar System

A Future "K/T" Asteroid Impact -Would the Human Species Survive?

026bbcaf5abf409c9962d1b2f4930ae8_2TypePad Gives The Daily Galaxy a 4-Star Review

Cyborg_2_2_3"The Ilulissat Manifesto" -Creating Artifical Life

Tower_of_babel_painting_close_2Was there an Ancient Language of Universal Symbols?

Dont_panic_2 New, Revised Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Ocean_power_3 The Ocean -Our Power Future

Astro-Engineering Artifacts as Evidence of

Dyson_sphereThe world-renowned physicist, Freeman Dyson of Princeton's Advanced Institute of Study (Einstein's former home), wrote that "Life may succeed against all odds in molding the Universe to its own purposes. And the design of the inanimate Universe may not be as detached from the potentialities of life and intelligence as scientists of the 20th century have tended to suppose."

The underlying assumption of Dyson's statement is his belief that in a universe some 14 billion years old that their are advanced technological civilizations in existence far more ancient than our 4.5 billion year-old Earth who are capable of feats of "macro-engineering" that we can hardly imagine.

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Cosmic "X" or God? -Religion vs Science

Religion_vs_science_1Science vs. Religion seems to be a running theme for the 21st century. Yet, the two sides of the debate have much in common. Not being willing to consider other's perspective is a common occurrence in both worlds.

Why does the universe seem so fine-tuned for the emergence of life, including intelligent life capable of asking that "why" question? "Believers," says theoretical physicist and astrobiologist, Paul Davies, in a recent interview with Cosmic Log, "simply say that God did it, while scientists are trying to come up with complicated extradimensional multiverse theories to explain our lucky break."

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The Emerging "Geoweb" -The World Map as Living Organism

Darfurgoogleearth_2Unlike NASA's map of the Universe, there are no more "white spaces" on the map of our planet.

What there is, however, is an intricate new human-created strata of annotation and personal discovery that's changing the very nature of cartography and personal terrestrial vision with the new tools created over the past two years by map providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

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What Lies Beneath -A Mystery at the Earth's Center

Earths_core_2Surprisingly, we know very little about what lies beneath the Earth's surface. The scientific community is in generaly agreement that the world beneath our feet is made up of four layers: a rocky outer crust, a mantle of hot viscous rock, a liquid outer core, the seat of magnetism, and a solid, spinning inner core.

The liquid core, creates the Earth's magnetic field in concert with the spinning solid core, which acts like an electrical motor, reverses itself about 200 times in the last 100 million years. But we don't have the slightest idea why; it's one of the great unsolved mysteries of science.

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Egyptian Mummy Identified as Egypt’s Most Powerful Female Ruler

Hatshepsut1_3Egyptologists have declared that they have confirmed the identity of Egypt's most powerful female ruler. We’re not talking about Nefertiti nor Cleopatra, but Hatshepsut, a powerful ruler from the 18th Dynasty of Egyptian royalty. She reigned from 1479 BC to 1458 BC, and usurped control of the throne from her stepson, Thutmosis III. It turns out though that, after her death, Thutmosis took steps to avenge the rise she made to power, and obliterated her from all records.

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