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Matrixism -“The Path of the One” Religious Movement

Alien_magic_matrix_neo_2If you haven’t already joined an alien cult (highly recommended as a great way to meet interesting new friends) then you might want to check out the Internet based religious movement inspired by the motion picture trilogy The Matrix. Don’t worry, it’s a lot more fun that Scientology, simply because the Wachowski Brothers are way better Sci-Fi writers than Ron Hubbard.

Matrixism is a syncretic or ecumenical faith based on the commercial Matrix trilogy. Though Matrixists or Pathists (as they are also known) cite references to "the matrix" from an obscure text of the Bahá'í Faith, called "The Promulgation of Universal Peace", they’re basically huge Neo fans (see alien magic/Neo image). . The commercial Matrix trilogy movies, and video games are generally considered to be the "sacred text" of the movement.

Matrixism carries with it four main beliefs that are described as "The Four Tenets of Matrixism". These tenets are a belief in the messianic apocalyptic prophecy (the movie says it will be the year 2199), use of psychedelic drugs as sacrament, a perception of reality as multi-layered and semi-subjective, and adherence to the principles of at least one of the world's major religions until the One returns. A religious law specific to Matrixism includes banning all forms pornography as a form of prostitution, and particularily in regards to protecting children. Even though they believe psychedelic drugs are a valid path to spiritual enlightenment if one chooses, it is strongly stressed that other forms of addictives and narcotics are banned along with professional sports.

This internet based movement was conceived by an anonymous group in the summer of 2004 and boasts an internet “congregation” of a several hundred people. The adopted symbol for Matrixism is the Japanese Kanji symbol for "red". This symbol was used in the video game "Enter the Matrix". The color is a reference to the red pill, which represents an acceptance of and ability to see truth, as established early in the first Matrix film. There is some debate about how serious the practitioners of Matrixism are about their newfound religion, but it’s not my place to judge! For the record, if someone handed me an unidentified red pill I would think twice before consuming it. Then I would definitely consume it. Wee


So if the religion is based on the movies is the first meeting you attend totally awesome, then the next two times you go they totally suck and you feel like you've wasted your time and money?

Personally, I thought the whole of The Matrix series, to include the anime, video games and comic books, was awesome.

Better than Hubbard? Well, marginally. The Matrix is good action and an effective allegory-- compelling as a film on that level but, science fiction?? 'Star Wars' was hard SF compared to this.

There is a well referenced encyclopedia article on Matrixism at

I am a Patheist myself, and I don't see anything wrong with it. The matrix is a new way of thinking, and thats what we revolve around.

I am a Patheist myself, and I don't see anything wrong with it. The matrix is a new way of thinking, and thats what we revolve around.

I personnaly find this as another way (no offense) for people to say getting high is a good thing! To realize that we are living in a computer program, matrixists get high on drugs, which makes them believe that this is all fake. Who said that drugs will tell the truth? Drugs aren't good, so why would it be good to do them for a religion???

"Matrixism" isnt all just meaningless religion. The movie was made from an idea, which means someone had to think about it. Does this not lead you to believe that the person who thought about it also had to consider some of the ideas as real life possibility? Reality is only real because we are taught to believe in it. So in a way reality is a religion. Dont ever let yourself believe there is only one "reality", because thats what keeps you plugged in. Think about when someone stares at you. You know they are doing it even though half the time they are behind you and you cannot see them. There is no logical explanation for it, at least thats what "science" has proven. But before you go thinking it cant be explained, remember that science was created, just like a movie. This comment is not just blabber, its a warning. This world is in danger and only we have the power to save it. The saddest fact is that we are the ones who will cause this world to end, that is, unless we can unplug as many people as possible. By unplug i mean to help others understand what cant be understood. If you want to talk more about what i have said, my email address is, heed my words.

I took a Tibetan Lama friend of mine to see the movie when it first came out. He said the premisses of the film resembled the teachings of Dzogchen (Great Completion Yoga), the highest set of teachings and practices in the whole of Buddhism.

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No offense but a religion that encourages drugs isn't a very good religion. However, it does have some good points, but all in all this religion seems deluded.

Where is the site of this religion, where are the followers? Is this an online community, and if so where are they?

What is the reason behind the rise of materialism in Matrixism

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