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Google Realtime Global-Incidents Map

Global_incidennts_map_2You have two choices to check the world for problem spots, manmade or natural. The manmade, as you'll see, far outnumber the natural events.

The first, The Global Incidents Map, a Google map mashup, shows realtime terror and danger incidents around the world. You can select by previous day or week. Not a bad idea for the globe trotter or vacation planner. Listed below is a short, scary sample of yesterday's events around the world.

JAPAN - Shock waves run through Japan after mayor shot dead
RUSSIA - bomb kills businessman - injures 4
CALIFORNIA - Small Bomb Explodes in Morro Bay
THAILAND - More bombings and beheadings in Thailand
NIGERIA - 25 Militants Killed in Nigeria
BANGLADESH - 25 suspected militants arrested in Bangladesh

The other option is a screensaver updated every twenty minutes from Our Planet from Space, which uses NASA NEO maps (image above) and overlays manmade and natural incidents, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and more.

Global Incident Map

Our Planet from Space


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