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"The End of the World" -A Short Film

Asteroid_image_2I just watched the scariest movie I've ever seen. I've linked to it below. It's a Japanese short film -The End of the World- about the results of an asteroid the size of the one that slammed into the Earth 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period, suspected to be responsible for the mass extinction of many floral and faunal species, including the large dinosaurs. The film is in Japanese, which makes the film even more terrifying because you realize immedidately that absolutely no translation is needed. It makes the recent Hollywood flicks about asteroids look like Sesame Street productions.

What makes the movie so terrifying is that I believe we all know deep in that atavistic reptilian area of our brain that in the future course of human and planetary evolution, that such an event will happen again; as it has millions of times before in our 4.5 billion-year history. I think this knowledge is imprinted into our DNA coding. But can we prevent such a catastrophic event from occuring? The people staffing NASA's NEO (Near Earth Object) Program are planning to see that we do.

Until recently, the remains of the 110- to 180-mile Yucatan-Chicxulub impact crater, which is buried by 1,000 to 3,000 feet of limestone, have escaped detection. The geohydrological feature (Cenote Ring) of Northwestern Yucatan, was discovered through NASA Ames Remote Sensing technology. Posted by Casey Kazan along with earlier headliners.

End of the World Video

"Great Extinction" & the Rise of Modern Species

Largest Impact Crater on Planet Earth

Past As Prelude -Asteroids & the Origin of Life


Um the asteroid in this video is rather larger than the KT asteroid. Assuming a single impact, the KT Event was caused by an object approximately 10km in diameter.
This video has the asteroid being "wider than Honshu" which gives it a diameter in excess of 230 km. It is a world killer.

Nasa has no plan, the only group which has a plan is the Global Asteroid Protection Society

This is a fragment of "The Violent Past", an episode of Canadian/Japanese documentary series which tells the 4 billion year old story of how life has evolved from its humble beginnings to the diversity of living creatures today.

It's a simulation of a collision with an asteroid 500km wide, similar to those that formed the protoplanets.
Definitely larger than K/T asteroid. What is more the role of K/T asteroid(s?) as the major cause of extinction is heavily discussed.

In addition it should be noticed that such cataclysmic event which was presented in the simulation is extremely rare. Probably it happened several times during the very beginning of our solar system. It never occure since The Late Heavy Bombardment.

the end of A world I guess. and the birth of a new one

you are a big lier i swer no body will know when its the end of the world you just wana say anythiung swer i bilive i god and nobody exept him

I see some good blogs and better information in your blog. As I see a previous comment, It would be really great if you keep Google Translator here and it would be very easy to read and comment on your blog. This helps in bringing more visitors and increasing popularity.

Taking into account the vastness of space and all the "junk" moving around in that vastness it is only logical to imagine at some point in the future the Earth having an impact by something major. How large and destructive a force it will be is anyone´s guess.

We see it all the time. Small meteroites burn up in the atmosphere, larger ones end up fragmenting and some small pieces end up impacting the Earth. So, if we work backwards from the smaller pieces that make it through to impact and calculate how large they had to be when they entered the atmosphere, we can begin to get to size and mass figures that can tell us just how big a hunk of this space "junk" has to be to produce serious impacts all the way up to extintion size pieces of "junk". There are more than enough of these size asteroids and meteors out there to begin to calculate the percentage chances of something of sufficient size impacting the Earth.

It was the Mayans by the way not the Aztecs who followed this closely in MesoAmerica and came up with the prediction mentioned all the time of this happening in 2012. Depending on what they saw and their calculations it could well be that what they saw has been off wandering around the solar system and is going to be showing up soon. Not real likely since there are enough telescopes and space observing installations on Earth and in orbit that it should have been picked up by now. But, one never knows.

The fact is however, Earth will at some point have an impact of a major nature, mathematics and science tells us that without a doubt. The issue is when and that is something that so far seems distant enough for those of us alive today not to have to worry about.

It is the same as getting worked up about the fact that the sun will eventually fade away and in the process expand to a point of eventually burning the Earth to nothing. That is about 5 billion years away. Or, the Moon eventually moving away from Earth and producing a similar life ending event. That is also several billion years away.

So, relax and find something else to worry about that is more in tune with our life expectancies as we know them to be now.

Hi guys , i dreamed something which is not giving me rest, i saw a object like a moon colliding with earth and the earth explode and where i was water reached every where and there was no more earth, what does that mean, im a believe so i have been searching for possibility of earth colision with other object, help understand.

watched video.

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