Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris "All the Roadrunning" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick
Birth of Parallel Worlds -An Intergalactic Field Trip

Gizmos, Graffiti & Electronic Sheep -Life in the Googleplex

10c3_2Take a mindboggling tour of the Googleplex, the headquarters campus of the company that's changing the social and technology dynamic of our century. It's amazing what a $150 billion valuation can buy! Don't miss Scott Draves compelling Dreams in High Fidelity, a painting that evolves. It was designed and rendered with the Electric Sheep screen-saver, a cyborg mind composed of 40,000 computers and people mediated by a genetic algorithm. Dreams in High Fidelity graces the Google lobby next to a replica of SpaceShipOne.

Dreams in High Fidelity

Electronic Sheep Video

Life in the Googleplex Photo Essay

Google Leaping to an AI Future

Google vs Microsoft: "The World Wide Telescope"


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