Orson Wells on his Mercury Theater Broadcast of H.G. Well's "War of the Worlds"
Rosanne Cash "Black Cadillac" -Today's Hot Playlist Pick

Einstein's Big Idea -The Cosmic Engine that Drives the Universe

Emc2How would 10 top physicists—two Nobel Prize winners among them—describe Einstein's equation, the most elegant, important equation in the history of science and mathematics, to curious non-physicists? Nobel Prize Laureate, Sheldon Glashow, begins: "When an object emits light, say a flashlight, it gets lighter." Listen below to this Nova special series and get a new perspective on our world and existence, starting with Harvard theorectical physicists Nima Arkami-Hamed...

Einstein's Big Idea


Ok, i think i will save this for thenext time I’ll have to argue with Frank (friend of mine) about it! I wasn’t wrong.

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